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Letter to her mother describing a shopping trip, a skit with the Press Board, her hard mattress, an opportunity from her speech teacher, and changes to her course schedule.


‘34 21 September Mother dearest, Luch [mis-spelling: Lunch] being safely over, and goodly too, I can now sit down and say hello to you! Speaking of meals, whether it's just to create a good impression for the first few days or not, but they're much of an improvement over Caz. feeds... and I have a surprising appetite. I'll probably wish by the end of the winter that I had had my skirt made in larger dimensions! But the shopping expedition was most likely the cause of it….another girl at Press Board & I went down, stopping on the way back for our caps and gowns. ($10:50) You should see your Senior daughter! I've got to go down and press my white dress now to wear with it. But not for a few minutes. The first formal chapel is tomorrow morning, and the seniors all appear in their new apparel….most exciting. But we had to get some things for the Press Board skit tomorrow night…..we’re to wear long false noses, dark glasses, white shirts (bought one also for the future wear) and dark skirts. One of [Page 2] the girls has collected a million puns this summer, and we're going to use them...then at the end they bring in a huge pie, cut it with a saw, and out pops a freshman….then we all yell Happy Birthday ‘38, and the curtain falls. We haven't worked it all out yet, have a rehearsal in about 10 minutes, but I think it ought to go over. I'll have to get Lee to take my little sister. Haven't been down to see her yet, but might as well wait until tomorrow just before dinner, andt [mis-spelling: and] then I can go and get her to come up here for dinner. Saw her picture in the directory of Press Board, and she’s not too bad... not terrible attractive, but she'll do, and she does look awfully nice. Don't worry about my bed. It was hard... Ralph was quite right, but with empty rooms all around me, some of them with new, just don't worry too much about my slumbers. He Is a sweet boy to be so solicitous. We don't have orange juice, but we do have oranges, and yesterday had melon, today.. [Page 3] we're pretty well taken care of. No, Lee's mother is driving her up tonight, but they're staying in the village and coming up early tomorrow morning. She says she's looking forward to the year...even as I am. I hope it fulfills all of its promises. Oh, I had a letter from Mis [mis-spelling: Miss] DeBancke, my speech teacher, which I'm enclosing for your amusement. I don't know whether I shall have time for it, but I think I'll try it for the time being, and see how it works out. It may be a bit of a distinction, and if I ever do you want to do anything in the line of speech, as she thinks I ought, all the experience I can have will be to my credit. Also I've decided to change my Modern Poetry course for a course in education. After much deliberation, and talks with people who have sat thru this teacher’s monotonous reading of poetry and the numerous papers she requires, I decided that if I had never had the least bit of Education, it would be absolutely hopeless for me to ever teach anything, and that I ought to have it. From all accounts it's a snap course, and that will give me more time for my 3 stiff writing and reading courses in my major, which, again from many accounts, are all, separately requiring a great deal of work. So I probably shan't be letting a great deal of grass grow under my feet...but it also may be a lot of fun. Glad you saw One More River. It's coming here coupled with some other good one, I can't remember the name, so I may see it. Ralph said Mr. Hardy had said he had held over “Chained” until Ralph came back, so he went that night, and enjoyed it immensely... “fine acting, and depicting that which could be possible. I shall have to see that now, sometime. He also has his old job with the Smorg back, so that means he can go back to college. I only hope the tuition works out all right. Here come the girls to go to rehearse….. so bye for now, with all my bestest,


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Student Life


College student newspapers and periodicals; Dormitories; Food; Schedules, School; Men

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 September 21