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Letter to her mother describing an essay, a close loss in a Crew race, dinner with her friend Peggy Holt, a trip to the Symphony with friends, and the scene at the train station to Boston.


Nov 5 ‘33 [image: Wellesley College shield] Saturday PM. Mums darling - Oh hello!Just partially finished typing my paper, so climb down from the typewriter, and land on this page. Almost played golf this P.M., but decided I wouldn't have any other time to do the darn thing, so stuck to the straight and narrow & plunged away. There was hardly a soul in the dorm, so I really got a lot done. And tonight is the symphony concert. Four of us are going together, & it ought to be much good entertainment don't you think? Yes I knew you'd be anxious about the Crew races. But ease your mind. Nothing [Page 2] startling happened - we just didn't get over the finish line ahead. We were only about 6 inches behind, but they got there first. The girl behind me caught a crab too, so we weren't terribly chagrined, & it was grand fun just the same. We got just as much cheering as the winning boat, so it didn't really matter. Did you get a letter yesterday? I missed the last mail & asked Anne Hart to post it when she took the train, & I wondered if she did. Probably. There goes the gong for supper - so bye. Just a second before leaving for the concert - 2 minutes to the exact - but I should worry greatly. No, I [Page 3] won't be late. It's only 10 minutes of 7, & the train doesn't leave till 7:25. Went to dinner at Severance last night with Peggy Holt, met her one day at a Barn Tea, & she's asked me to dinner twice when I haven't been able to go, so last night I finally got there, & we had salmon & maplenut sundae. Most worthwhile. Station Decided we’d better wait down here instead of in the room, so here we are along with 2 rickety old codgers who are pacing up & down, & one little boy who looks lost. Shall I describe the station? It's most terribly fascinating, & there are [Page 4] The nicest telephone books, & the cutest clock which ticks like the day of doom. To say nothing of a Correct Weight One ‘Cent affair, & 3 maps. So there. By the way, if you have a chance, how about finding out about the bus service? Maybe I could come that way instead of by train. But anyway I’ll come! With rings on the toes and - oh oh, that's not right - but perhaps it's because I hear the train in the distance. Scuse [mis-spelling: excuse] the scrawl but it can still say I love you easy enough - You bet I does Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Arts, Theater and Music; Athletics and Physical Education; Student Life


Rowing; Passenger trains; Food; Concerts

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 November 5