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Letter to her mother describing the trip back to Wellesley with Ralph, how much she misses her mother already, moving in to the dorm, and her evening in Boston with Ralph.


[18 September, 1934] Sept. 34 Tuesday Very dearest mother, There! I'm settled. I'm civilized. I'm very nearly all arranged, and I'm breathing at ease once more. It's taken me a long time to get at ease though. I didn't even enjpy [mis-spelling: enjoy] the trip out there until after we had stopped for lunch. It seemed so much harder to leave you and home this time than it ever has before. Neither of us said so much about it...and I'm glad we didn’ would have been harder then, but there was so much of me that just enjoyed being home and with you, that it didn't start realizing it was going back to Wellesley until much later. The summer has been so perfect, mother. You say I've worked...but I haven't, of course. I've been too busy enjoying it to think of it as work. I'll have big jobs this winter...I should have done more in the summer, but the main thing was that I was home, and that I was there with you….you're such a perfectly grand person to be with. And please may I mention food now? It isn't done, I've heard...but oh! When memories of last days at home contain such delicious things as your famous birthday sponge cake, rolls and all the rest of it, I think it deserves mentioning. I only hope you weren't too tired...because I did love all of it. We won't mention your going down the street that morning…..we don't have to! I stood on the walk this morning and waved goodbye to Ralph..and then walked on down the street to the dorm...and I know what turning one's back and walking away means. We had a grand trip though. If Ralph is there for very long, as he probably won't be with all his business, he'll probably tell you all about it, but in spite of almost continual rain, it was quite successful. We stopped for lunch in Springfield, [Page 2] then went on up to cal [mis-spelling: call] on Auntie, who was so pleased it was heartwarming. And was the occasion for Ralph's saying sftrward [mis-spelling: afterward] that one could tell a lot about a person by the way other people reacted to him, or her in this case. She is very anxious to come the 13th, and very grateful that we stopped on our way, as she didn’t expect this. We didn’t run out of gas until within 20 miles of Wellesley, and fortunately in a lull in the rain, so didn't get very wet. Then we stopped at the next station and got 5 gallons. It wasn’t a great deal of bother to take the trunk off anyway, just a few straps undo, and the trunk to shove, not lift off at all, so we managed very nicely. Met Miss Williama, who knew all about me, from Mildred, who had written to her this summer, so I am Virginia already, and not Miss what's-your-name. Which was nice, The janitor was there to help Ralph off with the trunk, and also with a huge basket on wheels into which I dumped everything and transported it up to the room, got all my dresses unpacked, and bed made changed clothes (my dark blue) after a shower, and took Ralph to the Brick Oven, which wass [mis-spelling: was] closed for the summer, so we went to the Saracen's Head, upstairs right near there. Awfully good steak dinner and interesting place….painting on the wall, old candles in iron candlesticks etc. We did enjoy it immensely----even to over the dinner conversation, which was surprisingly adequate! Then a drive around Beacon Hill, Cambridge etc. and back for more talk until about one. And I don’t think I’m in much doubt as to whether he loves me or not. We really talked---more than we ever have before and it was quite satisfactory, which in a most ineffective word, but ….you get it. Then breakfast this morning in Seiler's---I hadn’t the heart to make him eat alone---and goodbye. The next time I have to [Page 3] say goodbye to anyone, I'm going to do as you used to….run and hide! But got packing unpacking I mean, and arranging all done, found some girls on press board and other things here for lunch, and am about to go over there now to see what's what…….knock at the door---are you ready….must run….back tomorrow. You understand the inclosures [mis-spelling: enclosures]? Things I forgot, and my calculations as low as possible on the trip...may be more I forgot, but not very much anyway……. Meantime my best love---you know that to….but much more than usual darling… Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life


Automobile travel; Summer; Homesickness

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 September 18