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Letter to her mother describing her friend Lee's return to campus, a successful skit with the Press Board, the social scene at Wellesley, her new courses, and her work on Press Board; and discussing how to find money to pay Room & Board.


9/24/34 Monday A.M. before lunch Most dearest Mums, I thought the heading would date Sunday P.M., but there is so much to be done….that is, much unpacking of Lee’s things, re-arranging of her furniture etc., so that took up best part of the afternoon. She did finally arrive Saturday morning, after some of the festivities...her mother couldn't get away sooner, and the college was about to telegraph...but she arrived, and I had lunch with them at the Blue Dragon, and enjoyed it greatly. Then we practiced for the skit which went off, much to our surprise, very nearly the best of all. We made noses out of crepe paper which we stuffed with tissue paper, and fastened on with adhesive tape tinted pink by rouge! We were really lovely, talked about “everybody k(nose) who we are….and “our noses are itching for news.” etc. We were the first on the program, so after it was over, I went back and sat with Lee and our respective little sisters. Mine is quite young, but very eager to go out for almost everything. Which I's the only way a freshman can do anything for herself...which also holds good for the rest of us.. I was talking to a girl the other day who surprised me very much by saying she thought I had made a perfectly astounding mark for myself in knowing people and going in for things in the way I did, in just one year. So now I suppose there's a much greater responsibility for this year. So many people don't go out for a single thing, and it seems to me they might as well be anywhere where one had to study. If they have the good fortune to come to Wellesley, it seems so perfectly absurd not to make the college years something that will be undeniably associated with Wellesley...something that couldn't have been found anywhere else. I went over to see about my getting the laundry commission yesterday, which by the way I do have, and stopped in to see Anne Hart, Eleanor and that crowd. They're all back, but as far as [Page 2] I could see, they haven't gone out for anything more this year than they did last...and are just about as happy as they were last year. While I'm right in the pink! Although it is going to be lots of work. Classes started this morning, and my two are promising to be not half bad. The speech course is a great deal more than that. We're going to do Ibsen's Hedda Gabbler [mis-spelling: Gabler] first, reading, analysing, expressing. Which correlates to my English course in Modern Drama which I already have an assignment for the first class meeting tomorrow! Anyway, she had us read part of a poem today to see about our voices and our expression, and it seems she liked your daughter's! You may be interested to know that it has a great deal of imaginative power behind the expression, and that the voice itself is most sympathetic to moods and phrasings! I was. Interested, I mean, and faintly amused. But I do think the course is going to be grand fun, but quite a lot of work connected with it too, in order to do a good job, and I want to for that. We have to memorize lines illustrating some particular situation, for next time, and then be able to read lines which are illustrative of two entirely different emotions and situations. Even the supposedly boring course in education may have its possibilities, I think. Because it is going to follow, from an educational standpoint, the work of my Child Psychology course for a little while, and I don't think it will be a great deal of work. Those are the only 2 I've had so far, but I'm enclosing a copy of my schedule, so you'll be able to keep track of me. I'm so awfully glad you approve, both of my changing my schedule, and my changing newspapers. I hoped you would, but it makes me feel much better to know that you do. The Herald has taken 2 stories so far, but both of them were mere statistical things with not much call for imagination and ingenuity...they have to have the accounts of things first, then when other activities begin to happen, they begin to get interested. However I've sent long stories to New Haven, and I'm hoping they were disposed to take ‘em. What do you think of subscribing for their [Page 3] Sunday paper? I'm going to stop the N?Y. Herald Tribune, and take the Boston Herald now, but I don't know about subscribing to the New Haven one. Those clippings might come in handy someday, and again they might just as easily not, I don't know. Oh, but thanks so much for my package. It was awfully stupid of me to forget so much, and you’re very much of a peach to do the collecting job. They arrived intact, and where muchly appreciated. Don't worry about the Shucis’. I don't know as I could use them very much anyway. Especially as I've ordered that Shirley Darbyshire's book Something Human. Which I think I'm going to make over into a play with the help of much inspiration! I think the money arrangement will be O.K. I'll se [mis-spelling: see] them about it tomorrow morning, and as that will be the 25th, I think they will be quite considerate about it. So MUm Mum doesn't want to take any more out? I wish I hadn't been so darn stupid as not to have noticed that it said $500 instead of 450...she had promised to pay the whole amount. And I did want you to have the radio fixed. If you can't, you might just as well take mine back with you the 12th...I can only get a few stations, and as long as Lee has one, there really isn't much need for mine, and I'd much rather you'd have it.. Too bad about the $10...for your sake. Seems a bit strange he would consider it a gift. . but I suppose because you have tried to make him let you do things for him as his mother might, he considered this as part of that theory, but hated to have you do it. I don't suppose he knows the exact financial situation either, and probably thinks it doesn't hurt your pocketbook very much, while replenishing his wonderfully. It was grand of you to give it to him, though, and I have an idea that someday he'll repay you much more….as I hope to…..someday. Meantime, it's back to work...and this will probably be the last real letter until next week, cause there's such a rush of things getting under way. However darling, I'll keep you posted on events and happenings, either by short letter, or by postals. My best love, Ginger [image: drawing of a smiley face dressed in a cap and gown]


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Academics; Student Life


College student newspapers and periodicals; Newspapers; Schedules, School; Money

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 September 24