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Letter to her mother describing formal chapel in a cap and gown, her professor Miss Dutcher's marriage, time spent with her new neighbors, and getting a hoop for hoop rolling.


‘34 Saturday, 22 Sept. Hello Mums darling, And I've marched up the aisle in my cap and gown! First formal chapel, and we turned on the dignity in full force and with much solemnity. It's just over, our picture has been taken, and Becky and I have taken each other’s on our respective cameras...the stiff collar has come off, and here I sit. Lee hasn't arrived yet. Had a note from her yesterday, saying she would stay in the Vil all night, and come up early in the morning, but there isn't a sign of her, and haven't an idea what happened. You don't know what a surprising mixture of amusement and awe some [mis-spelling: awesome] feelings can be, as one walks behind the President and Vice president of the class into the chapel, down the long aisle, and then out again with all eyes turned on the seniors! It was lots of fun. I only wish you could have been here to have seen it. But we'll hope they stage another around October. Pres. Penn did an awfully good job of welcoming the freshman, talking about traditions [Page 2] reputations, responsibilities, obligations, opportunities and the rest of it. The only break she made was when she was telling them about morning chapel, hoping they would come, as it was lead by various members of the faculty, most of which they would be glad to hear. The faculty, being good sports, shook silently in their seats, and the seniors raised expressive eyebrows! Oh, speaking of the faculty, did I tell you that Miss Dutcher is married? Uh huh, ‘twas a shock to all of us. He's over 70, is President of Springfield college and of the Y.M.C.A. or something, and both he and his wife, before she died, were close friends of Miss Dutcher. So I wonder if she ever got my final effort of “writing to Miss Dutcher”. Discovered last night that my neighbor across windows (in the corner you see) is a girl who spent her Junior year in Germany, whose name is Helen, and who is a friend of Mug’s and Hort’s. She's very much of a peach and here's hoping for good things. Mug and [Page 3] Hort came back yesterday, so we caroused down and the rooms last night after dinner. They’re way down on the first floor, but can at least be seen at meals. I'm going to try to see more of the girl's here in the house...those I like specially on this floor, and life at Wellesley, instead of so much M.I.T. No, no one has called to see if I'm back….and I can't think of anyone I want to call, so I'm quite happy. My shorthand course starts Monday. And I've discovered that Jean’s book is in my book box! I meant to have taken it out and asked her before I brought it, so I'll write to her and ask her if she needs it. She knew I had it at the house anyway. If she does, I'll send it back, and trust to your going up to see them, to take it to her. I don't want to send it directly to her, cause I should have asked her about it. Some of the girls on the corridor came in last night for grapes and peppermints...telll [mis-spelling: tell] Grand’pa that he is hereby tendered by about 6 girls, a most grateful and appreciative vote of thanks for getting them for me. They were grand. My flowers are only just now beginning to wilt, and some of them are still perfectly good…..and the rolls….oooooooh. With strawberry jam they just have no equal... and I'm afraid they got eaten up without delay. Gee they tasted good though. I've saved two of them for Lee and me tonight. If she ever does get here. And I have a hoop for next year. One of the girls found one in her room, had one, so gave it to me. I was wondering how I’d get one, so now I have it hung up over my Scottie dogs and it contributes vastly to the “room of a senior.” [handwritten] Please, does that impress you? [typed] Which reminds me that we're having a class meeting in 15 minutes, and I’d better….so much more…. Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Faculty, Staff and Administrators; Home and Family; Student Life; Personal Relationships


Chapels; Dormitories; Food; Hoop Rolling

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 September 22