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Letter to her mother discussing items she would like her family to bring and travel arrangements for her family's visit to Wellesley; and describing the tryout assignments for the Barnswallows (Barn).


Oct 9 ‘33 Monday Noon Dearest Mums - Well how's the world looking at you? Oh yes, I'm fine thank you & have kept busy thinking things for you to bring. The pants, hankies & candy arrived intact, with the softness, but not the effectiveness & nuttiness of the fudge rather the worse for time expended in traveling. However it does taste grande, and you were mighty sweet to send it to me. I've been gorging. Wasn't yesterday perfect? I sang in Choir in the morning, & Lee & I sat at Miss Lyman's table for dinner. [Page 2] Then like an idiot I worked on some try out assignments for Business Board & Costume Committees for Barn (dramatic society), which took quite a while. Had to write a couple of business letters & make a bit of all the things the Board should do in arranging for a production. And also costume all the characters in one of the plays. All of which took time so I didn't get outdoors till about 4. But I had the grandest walk down by the lake, and the sunset was lovely. By the way, did you see the Rainbow Saturday about 5 o’clock? It was a double one & absolutely perfect. And sunset that night looked just like the Pacific. I was up in Jeanne’s room, & part of the sky was light against the trees, & beyond that it looked exactly like Catalina. A very real optical illusion. Oh I most forgot the list. 1. orchid blanket please, as you suggested 2. Map of Schenectady 3. California scrapbook 4. Iron 5. If possible, a lamp that will hang over my mirror & an extension cord. 6. Might it be indecent to suggest that we don't have chocolate cake ever? 7. Do you use the rocker in the dining room or the moving chair in the sunparlor very much. I would be delighted to have either if one of them wasn't used & you could get it in. Lee’s friend brought her moving chair up from Penn., that's what made me think of it. But if you use ‘em, don't for goodness sake bring it just cause I suggested [Page 3] it. 8. How about the plug socket I had last year? I can get one here though, if you're using that in the living room. Mrs. Underhill doesn't go through Schenectady, & can't to get here, so I guess the little idea won't work. It would make a much longer trip for her. Will Ida come home with you from Springfield too? I must away to Econ. so tra-la-lee. Don't worry if you forget or can't bring half of the things. I can get along without any of them, but they just be convenient. Understand, huh? Lookin’ for ya Ginny


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life


Barnswallows; Automobile travel; Weather

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1933 October 9