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Letter to her mother discussing potential arrangements for traveling home for the summer; and describing plans to go to the beach with Ted and Lee and plans to relax after exams.


6/12/34 [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Tues Dearest, Needs must I replied to your extensive analysis of the homing situation. Perhaps it’s selfishness on my part, but I do hate to think of taking the train home, with my suitcases, typewriter, golf bag, tennis racket, hat boxes, radio (Don't we want it home?), and various and sundry things. I would hesitate to ask the Aldrich’s to come out here just to pick up a few of my things, and, oh, I don't know, it just seems like such a lot of fuss and not much gain. If Mildred can come with you, and stay at Severance, I can leave Monday very easily, and really don't care a hoot about being here for the commencement ceremonies, long lines of diploma receivers, an address and not much else, all the other festivities are over by that time. Even if Mildred can't stay with the woman in Severance, it would be very simple for you and she to have our beds Saturday night, and for us to pile blankets on the floor and sleep there. Don' [mis-spelling: Don’t] sniff. I'm really serious about it. All of the available places in the Vil have been taken long ago, I'm afraid, and you may have to do that anyway. For one night, we could do that easily, and without objection, please. The rest of the rooms will be filled with Alumnae, or you could have one of those rooms. Two more strange people won't make much difference, so that would be O.K. Then if you took the train home Sunday, my trunk could be checked on your ticket, I think, and we would follow Monday in the car, with the back seat packed! If Mildred can't come, would you object to driving alone? Because Lee is going to a camp just the other side of Springfield, and is planning to leave Tuesday, but can leave Monday and stay at a tourist place thereabouts. She hasn't any other way of getting there which wouldn't be pretty expensive, and as long as we would be going right thru there, it seems a bit strange not to take, her, don't you think? And you see that way, she would go with me to Springfield and I would come the rest of the way. Why in the world did you say you wouldn't want me to come alone? Good heavens, I love to drive alone! Don't you trust my driving, my ability, or my independence, or forethought in emergency enough to see you that I would, I hope, be perfectly capable of driving from Springfield to Schenectady alone? I can even fix a flat tire, you know. [image: drawing of a smiley face] In that case, Lee and I would leave Tuesday so she wouldn't have to spend an extra night. But in case Mildred comes, we would have room enough to take Both Mildred and Lee that far, even with piles in the back seat, and Mildred and I would come on alone from there. In that case, we would leave Monday. Sleeping in our rooms would eliminate the item of Sat. night lodging, and would be much pleasanter anyway than having you in the Vil. If Mildred can't come, would you rather bring Mum Mum than to come alone? I hate to think of your driving alone if you don't like to. I was just thinking about sleeping arrangements and snoring! And I’d truly enjoy driving by myself--honestly. You do know me well enough to know I mean that, don’t you? And that egotistically enough, I think I’d be capable and confident in doing it? And I’m also [Page 2] perfectly sincere in saying that I don't mind at all not being here for commencement, and also (item no. 3) I think it would be a lark to house you in our rooms. So let me know what you think of my plan. You and Mildred or you alone coming out Saturday, staying in the rooms Sat. nite, you leaving Sunday, Mildred, Lee and I, or Lee and I leaving Monday. The only hitch about that is that in doing something pleasant for me, you have to just be shunted off to school on Sunday, and perhaps come out alone Saturday. Well, do as you think best about it. I'll be agreeable, but do consider the possibilities of my plan. Both of us talk every once in awhile about being able to have some time to ourselves, and I thought about that when I suggested such an arrangement. But of course if you'd rather not do it that way, we can perhaps think of something else. Right this minute, I'm thinking of higher prices vs. inflation, gold standard and cost of living, N.R.A. and capitalism, etc. And I still have lots to do with it. The last few days have been mainly studying, with not much exciting diversion, except our delicious swim yesterday in nothing but teddies, drying on the shore, and browning in the sun away from habitation. Tomorrow Ted and Ted's friend, Lee and I are going to the shore in the afternoon for the day---probably the last date I'll have with Ted as he's leaving very soon. Then Thurs. and Friday, Lee and I may go bicycling along country roads, go swimming, go on a canoe trip down the Charles, or whatnot. (Lee taught canoeing last summer darling, so don't be alarmed at our venturesomeness). WE’re looking forward to those few days with nothing pressing to do. It ought to be grand. I'll pack Saturday morning--my trunk, that is, and you'll arrive that day sometime---for lunch, or later? Probably late, unless you start awfully early, eh? Let me know if you approve of my plans, if Mil. can stay with the lady in Severance, and what not. And my bestest love plus the fact---------I’ll be seeing you-----soon. Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Home and Family; Student Life


Travel; Automobile travel; Men; Summer

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 June 12