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Letter to her mother describing her Prom weekend with Ralph, new clothing she bought, step singing, arrangements for summer school, and her room assignment for the next year in Severance.


5/2/34 [typed] [stationary heading] News from Wellesley College WELLESLEY COLLEGE PRESS BOARD Wellesley, Massachusetts Release Dearest, Just returned from a psych quiz, and this is by way of blowing off steam! Nuff [mis-spelling: Enough] siad [mis-spelling: said]. Got up at 6:30 to study, and of course it didn't do a heck of a lot of good, but I guess it came out fairly enough. Honestly, you’re [mis-spelling: your] letters are grand. I always feel just like sitting down and writing to you the minute I get one. But what do you mean, by the 3 o’clock nights? I can understand Sunday night, but where was my mother galavanting off to Saturday night? Such goings on! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I can imagine Ralph that night. We did have a very grand time...even more than that. I'm even the least little bit afraid that the little old heart is due for a tumble. Ralph was so darn sweet, and I was so very proud of him, that..well. perhaps it was circumstances, but...they were very nice circumstances! The girls are still talking about it, of course, and I don't know how many of said that they liked Ralph. Lee thought he was a peach--said it gave her faith that there were some really fine men left. But as far as I could see, there was no evidence of attempted alienation as I suggested such a possibility a while ago, remember? But I do think, from what she’s said since, that she could easily have persuaded herself that he was worth going for, to be crude. Both Doug and Ralph liked her. I'm only sorry that Doug couldn't have been more like Ralph. He's a rather curious boy, only 19, and rather quiet. However, Lee consciously tried to give him a good time, and I think she succeeded. However, it wasn't the gloriously perfect weekend for her that it was for me, and I'm sorry. But she maintains she did have a good time, just doing things, the picnic, play and dance, etc. and especially the walk around the lake. The four of us did have an awfully good time, and while I know there were times when she could have wished for a more “kindred” companion, on the whole, it was quite successful, and Doug, besides being very grateful, really did have a grand time, I think. Yes, Terry was at chapel. Did Ralph mention it, or did I tell you before? He had come simply because Lee had said she thought that the boys would have left in the morning, and she would be free to have dinner with him, having told him the circumstances of Prom, laying the blame on Ralph and me….that is, that Ralph couldn’t come unless he brought someone with him to share expenses, and Lee had offered to take the blind from my sake. Nice story, and Terry understood beautifully. My new dress was $3.00 cotton from Filenes. Of green tiny stripes with a turn over collar and a pert black tie. Mrs. McGuire, who does Lee's dressmaking for her, gave it whatever distinction it possesses, cause she took it in to fit me, so that it has much better lines than it originally was intended to have. Charge being $1.00 for same, but Filenes were going to charge me $1.50 to do it, and probably wouldn't have done half as good a job. I also got me some white sport shoes with a heel, not flat, for $6.00, or did I tell you? Yes indeed, I love my peach, especially with the blue accessories. Thanks so very much for sending the hanky. While it didn't go [Page 2] with the blue and peach, it did go beautifully with the blue and gold Saturday night, and I was most appreciative. The step singing last night was very fine. We all marched down the hill singing the song, all in white, and marched up the steps. Then Pres. Penn, with her little electric brougham decorated with our class colors of gold, drove up to the steps and let the new officers out, then with the wave of her hand, flourished off down the road. The place echoed for miles---the cheers, I mean, and Pres. Penn is a grand old lady. Everybody said it was most impressive to see us all come down the hill, 7 abreast, all in step and all singing. And next year we'll be seniors! Imagine! A propos of that, is there any chance of Union holding summer school school co-educationally? I’d take beginning spanish, I think, cause I want to know something about it, and it's frightfully easy--not too much work for the summer. Just an idea, but I thought you might possibly investigate. Would be so much simpler. Oh dear, I’ve meant to write Mum Mum and tell her about the Prom and thank her again for the dress. If you see her before I get it done, tell her my intentions are good, will you? But I don't seem to be able to get a letter written except to you, and occasionally to Ithaca. With no connection at all, I've changed my room around so that my bed is near the window, and my dresser over in the corner. I do like the idea of being able to lie down to study! Oh, that does remind me, Lee and I are living in Severance next year. On the 2nd floor, her room overlooking a piece of the lake, and mine mostly the green and the Libe [mis-spelled: Library], but it gets the morning sun, and I can spend what time I need to look at the lake, in her room. They’re just 5 doors apart, like this year, and are not far from Mug and Hort, so it ought to be rather grand. I'm so glad we got in, cause Tower is so huge, and we hated to stay here! Better food at Sev. for one thing!!! Playing golf this P.M. I think, and then crew at 4:40, altho [mis-spelling: although] I may omit the golf, haven't decided. But in any case, I ought to be tearing for Ec. and the Federal Expenditures! SO--again I sign myself, your very devoted and admiring darter [mis-spelling: daughter], Ginger


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Personal Relationships; Student Life; Buildings and Grounds


Wellesley College. President (1911-1936 : Pendleton); Men; Clothing and dress; Dormitories; Summer; Stepsinging; Cazenove Hall; Severance Hall

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 May 2