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Letter to her mother describing her plans to cross-country ski with Lee, Stocky, and Otto later that day, her and Lee's evening at the M.I.T. glee club dance, plans for the Easter vacation, and a student she met whose room she'd like for the next year; and answering her mother's questions.


Feb. 22! ‘34 [typed] [stationary heading] WELLESLEY, MASS. Mother dearest, I'm feeling very delighted at this point. In the first place, it's the morning of a holiday, and I’m feeling virtuous at having gotten up for breakfast. Not only that, but we've even commandeered some skis for a trek across country with Otto and Stocky, in the direction of Lexington and Concord, ending up with supper somewhere thereabouts and enjoying we hope, a fall-down-and pick-up but much-fun afternoon. [handwritten note] note - we’ll drive till we find a suitable place to start!) The sightseeing trip you suggested might have been much fun also for Lee and me, but it might be a bit more practical to put it off until the roads and streets have settled down to more nearly an approach to the normal. They are rutted and piled with snow almost beyond recognition. In fact, it took us an hour and of quarter to get in to Boston last night. Lee and I donned evening clothes and skipped off to the M.I.T. glee club concert with dance following. Because it wasn't too tremendously formal, we both wore our reds, and if I do say so as shouldn't, we made a good pair, living up to the Corporation of GingerLee we hope, to the best advantage. Hats, somehow, I have a way of distinguishing one from the rest of the company, and also somehow, they serve as landmarks for those stags who might remember to cut. Lee shone in her little turban of feathers, and my tricky homemade concoction of net and blue and gold ribbon was transformed for the evening into net and red and gold ribbon. It must have been a mite effective, cause yore chile [mis-spelling: your child] did get somewhat of an ovation from the stag line, at a time when there wasn't a great deal of cutting going on. We've asked Otto and Stocky out to the glee club concert and dance here, which we’re giving with Harvard March 1st, so that'll be another big night. And now for your nicely underline questions. Want ‘em tabulated? Poor dear, I do forget detail sometimes, but I shall try to do better in the future. 1. Stocky was not at the other dance Saturday night, cause he is not a member of that fraternity. 2. I shall think seriously about having the pink made over for the March 1 concert. If not, I'll wear my blue. No, the darned place wasn't noticeable. 3. The least said about my scrumptious grades, the better, I think, but no one is classified until the end of the year. 4. As for Press Board duties, someone else has charge of New York state papers, I send a few stories on my own hook, which probably haven't been important enough to print. By the way, which paper is Sarah Collie working on? I'll get some more news and send it to her, perhaps writing a note personally, and asking her if she doesn't want regular, space paying rates, stories of Wellesley. Yes, darling, I shall be subtle about the salary. 5. Peggy did not go to the dance, and doesn't know that [Page 2] Lee has been going out with Otto, who up to now has been regarded as taking Peggy out occasionally. I don't think Ralph is seriously planning to go back with us at the end of Easter vacation. Heck, he's coming out in a few weeks later, and I think he'll make a stupendous effort to get to Schenectady during one of the 5 days vacation corresponding with mine, which also coincides with yours, darn it all. But then, he probably won't be able to pack up and leave Ithaca right away, so we won't worry too much. The bell for lunch. SCuse [mis-spelling: Excuse]? Back again, but expecting the boys in a few minutes, so fraid [sic] this can't go on much longer. Oh, a propos of Press Board, I went over to Tower to see a girl from New Haven, and stayed to chat for about an hour. Seems she's lived in England, Brazil, China, Philippines, Guam. and California. We got to talking about Coronado, where she lived in San Diego, Mt. Lowe, and Don Blanding’s poetry. She was very Charming, asked me to return, which I very well shall. Also hers and her friend’s rooms where on the 6th floor of Tower, with the most gorgeous view of the Lake. They're both seniors, and if Lee and I are lucky, in drawing low numbers, I mean, we can speak for those rooms. It ought to be simply Grand, but we'll have to see what old man Fate has in store for us. The snow is most gorgeous--very deep, with drifts piled waist high. The sun is shining, it is quite warm, and I think this afternoon ought to be decidedly on its good behavior. I'm not worrying about the feet because it is so warm, and too, I shall wear the heavy socks over my shoes as I did the last time. I'm so glad Washington was borned [sic]. But I'm sorry that I have to stop this phase of the celebration. Hopping around on the typewriter keys such grand fun-- it's at least partially readable, isn't it? Even including mistakes made in haste? Ne’er mind, I'll improve, if you’ll just be a bit patient darlin. SO----bye for now, with lots of my love to keep you warm these cold days [handwritten] Ginger P.S. Let me know if you get this Friday or Saturday as [illegible: wretence?] for the future - me again


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Schenectady, New York


Dress; Student Life; Personal Relationships


Men; Clothing and dress; Cross-country skiing; Dormitories; Dance parties

Letter from Virginia Veeder Westervelt, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Mrs. Millicent Veeder, Schenectady, New York, 1934 February 22