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Letter to Helen about trip home, mother's health, attending a sermon, plans to attend Christmas vespers with a male friend of a friend, skating, and the Junior Play.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 11 December, 1910. Dear Helen,- I really would have wondered whether you ever reached Syracuse or not, if Mamma had not mentioned your writing her. But I realize that you must have been busy. I have been some busy myself ever since you went. I had to dress the doll you know. My little pillow is done now too. I am working on a cheesecloth dress to wear at our Christmas party tomorrow night. Each table is to [Page 2] represent something different. Our table is going to be fairies. I have to help make the place cards too. I think Esther’s table is going to represent the [deletion: illegible] Ruggles family, although she hasn't told me. I haven't heard definitely how Mamma is lately. She spoke of going up to Castile to see Dr. Green. I imagine she will feel better when we get there. I have my mileage and berth, also my baggage checks. My berth is right with Nell’s, isn't that great? I was so glad when I got it. I am getting more and more excited every minute. This morning in church I could hardly sit still. [Page 3] The sermon was worth listening to too; it was by Dr. Syman Abbott. Naturally the attendance was large. Tonight is to be Christmas vespers, which will no doubt be great. And what do you think? I'm going to have a man! Esther's Harvard friend is coming out and he wants to bring a friend of his along. I had first pick, being her roommate, so I snapped him up. Almost all the girls in the house are going to have men I think. We have several inches of snow now and everything looks beautiful. The lake is frozen and the skating is perfectly wonderful. Esther borrowed [Page 4] a pair of skates and one across once yesterday. I do wish you could have been here for the Junior Play. You would never say again that Helen Goss wasn't pretty, if you could have seen her that day. She came out before the curtain and made an address of welcome to 1914, also read the cast of characters. She looked positively beautiful. The play itself was the most wonderful thing I ever saw. One of the leading ones was Marjorie Sherman, another Mt. Vernon girl. I was in the clouds all the afternoon. I hope you got the belt all right. Must stop and write a few other letters. Haven't written to Florence for ten days! See you next week. Bien à vous, Mary [Note written in the top margin of page 1] P.S. Mamma sent us some food and we had a grand spread last night.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Travel; Preaching; Christmas; Men

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Helen, 1910 December 11



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