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Letter to mother about snowy campus, attending Christian Association meeting on "The Spirit of Christmas," preparing her doll for upcoming show at Shakespeare House, and listening to a lecture in Hygiene on corsets.


3 Norfolk Terrace, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 8 December, 1910. Dear Mamma,- Straight credit again! Isn't that wonderful? After all my worrying. But I imagine that those low marks I was talking about, will go on next month’s marks. I have been more cheerful today, although I've been busy enough. I think it's partly the weather. Night before last it snowed, so now we have several inches of snow and some sleighing. The campus is perfectly beautiful. The sun has been shining all the time, [Page 2] which adds to the effect. It makes me think of home and Christmas and a few other nice things. I had a conference with Miss Hooker today, and she was nice to me as usual. We went over several of my themes together. She remarked once that it was nice to have someone who understood what she meant. Papa might be interested to know that in a test on punctuation which we had, out of about a hundred possible mistakes, I had only four. Miss Hooker said my paper was one of the best. I've learned a lot about punctuation (especially commas) out of the little Woolley book I spoke of, a while ago. Have just been to Christian [Page 3] Association meeting. It was led by Miss Lockwood, and the subject was, “the Spirit of Christmas.” We saying “Hark, the Herald Angels sing” and the others. It makes us very excited. I finished dressing my doll last night. I have made her a middy waist, to be worn outside of the skirt. The collar made out of some blue ribbon Esther had. It looks very cute. Esther is making her doll a silk dress, trimmed in green à la hobble, with a wide green girdle. The dolls have to be handed in tomorrow. Saturday at the Shakespeare House there is to be a Student’s Aid Sale and Doll show. Last night Miss Bliss had Elise pray and I (two of her advisees) up to Stone Hall to dinner with her. She was [Page 4] perfectly lovely to us and we had a grand time. We have a cut in Botany next Tuesday, which makes things lovely for me, as it will give me all that morning at home to pack if I want to. I’m going to send my baggage Wednesday. Expect to get my checks tomorrow of possible. Our Hygiene lecture today was about corsets, by Dr. Goldthwaite of Boston. It was very good. Miss Homans first made a little speech and told us that we had the reputation of being serious minded and sane, to preserve this reputation we must return from our vacation rested, therefore we must not go to dances oftener than every second or third night! Well I'm going to bed early so farewell. Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Buildings and Grounds;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Christmas; Dolls; Lectures and lecturing; Corsets; Shakespeare House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1910 December 8



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