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Letter to her parents thanking them for sending a check; and describing her busy schedule, her friends' weekend plans, a trip into Boston, and the upcoming Sophomore Play.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 7 March, 1912. Dear Papa and Mamma: I’ll write you both, because I want to express my thanks for that lovely check which came so unexpectedly yesterday. It ought to last me for a long, long, while. I don't know whether you are both in Wellsville now, but I suppose you are. I see by the paper that Ellen Beach Yaw is to come to Wellsville, so it wouldn't be necessary to go to Olean at all. [page 2] I have just this evening finished writing up all my last semester’s notes in Musical Theory, to be handed in on Saturday. I hope they will at least be “satisfactory” this time, so I won't have to go to him again. This week is busier than ever, if such a thing is possible. We've been sitting up late some (caused by a newly developed conscientiousness on my part, of spending two hours on each lesson; and attention on Esther’s part, to making rosebuds, which she sells), and as a result, overslept this morning, which upset the day some. Esther had an appointment in the Vill at nine o’clock, and we woke up at eight-thirty! She made it too. We've discovered that its [page 3] only fifteen minutes walk from here to Wellesley Square, by way of the meadow. Esther and Nell are going to the theater with men Saturday afternoon. Nell went in Tuesday to a tea at Harvard and an engagement party at a swell hotel. Julia went home that day to attend her brother's recital, and just got back to-night. So little Mary is the only quiet and humdrum person around here. We had a nice little trip to town yesterday. I didn't buy anything but music, but Esther got shoes and gloves. I looked at Jordan Marsh's for corduroy skirts, but they didn't [page 4] have what I wanted. I may have to go in again next week, as I broke my chin-rest to-day, and can't fix it myself. It's a great nuisance. The Sophomore Play comes off this week, and we're much interested in it. Connie Hapgood has one part, but I don't know who else. We enjoyed Joseph Lhevinne very much Monday night, I thought better than Josef Hofman [mispelling: Hofmann], except for his looks. He is Polish Russian Jew. Must fly to bed now, With love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Shopping; Theater; Parties; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her parents, 1912 March 7



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