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Letter to her mother describing the past weekend and her plan to finish the opera she is writing with friends; congratulating her father for getting votes in his campaign for mayor; and requesting items for her mother to send.


P.S. I've had a cruel blow. My card was corrected at the Dean's office, and I find that I have C in Lit instead of B. (The marks for Music and Lit were interchanged). So I'm no better off than before I kicked! Monday morning. 3/11/12. Dear Mamma: Circumstances were such that I didn't do any letter-writing yesterday. Although I suppose I should have. In the first place, we didn't get up till eleven-thirty a.m., partly because we were tired, and partly because we were lazy. We managed to get around with a good appetite for dinner, after which and after sitting around in the parlor, we took a long walk. We got back just in time to miss supper, so we went up to Nell's room and sponged [page 2] on her till she gave us some crackers. Esther's man and his friend came out to go to vespers, but they were late, so I went on to vespers alone and met them afterwards. Of course they used up the rest of the evening. After they went we had to discuss them. This morning we're going to spend on the opera, as the committee has to have it to-morrow. We think it's going to be presented next Monday. This afternoon Nell has a tea for her friend Beth and another girl, and as we're going to help at that, it will take up most of the time. This evening Esther has a required Economics lecture [page 3] and I'm going to study (just for fun). The Sophomore Play Saturday night was simply great. I didn't dream they would do so well. One astonishing feature of it was that it lasted till five minutes of ten, so we were all late in. We had supper in the vill that night, but didn't save a great deal of time. I want to congratulate Papa for those two votes he got for Mayor, at the meeting the other night. He may get there yet! You probably know what I mean by that silk handkerchief I wrap my violin in. Well, I've lost it. I lent the fiddle to a girl [page 4] one night, and when she brought it back, the handkerchief wasn't there. She doesn't know anything about it, so I'll have to get another I suppose. Have you anything around the house that would do? I can't get any here. And could you send me some more table napkins? I seem to have only two now. It's rather embarrassing when I have a guest, not to be able to offer a clean one. I had Janet Davison up to dinner Friday night. Glad you had a nice time at Olean. Mustn’t write anymore now. With heaps of love, Mary. N. B. Our tea kettle hasn't come yet!


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Home and Family;Student Life


Theater; Political campaigns; Sophomore Play

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 March 11



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