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Letter to her mother updating her on the progress of the opera she is writing with friends; and describing the announcement of honor scholarships, new acceptances into societies, a bout of food poisoning (ptomaine poisoning) in Shafer Dormitory, and a difficult quiz in astronomy class.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 13 March, 1912. Dear Mamma: I didn't have time to write last night, and really haven't to-night, but will take it. One thing, we won't be quite so rushed as we thought, about the opera. We have just voted to put it off till the Monday after vacation, both because Miss Tufts advised it, and because we are all so busy about now. Of course we have it practically done, but it will give us a chance to work in some more hits, perhaps. The [page 2] girls are quite crazy about the plan as we told them, but we don't feel so well satisfied with it as last year. The great excitement just now is about honor scholarships, which were announced yesterday in chapel. You will be glad to know that Sarah Parker has a Durant (the highest). Alice Wormwood has one too. Papa will remember her because she sat at the head of our table that night. He remarked then that she was bright. One nice thing about Alice is that her roommate has a Durant scholarship also. The societies are now taking in girls who have just reached the required standing this semester. We think [page 3] Olive Tripp has gotten in one, judging from the deluge of flowers which she received yesterday. Last night, everybody in Shafer Dormitory had ptomaine poisoning, they think, from something in the croquettes they had at lunch. The excitement was intense, but I think everyone is all right to-day. I had a quiz in Astronomy this morning which took some quite hard studying, especially as it is a final quiz. That means that we are to have no final exam, if we keep up on work, but each little quiz is final for its part of the work. In Lit, we are to have a final [page 4] paper instead of an exam, so from present indications I shall have only three exams in five. Won't that be nice? I have a quiz in Lit. on Friday, and one in Bible next Thursday. Thanks very much for the belt. I didn't quite know what to do without it. As to corduroy skirts, if I go into town again, I'll look some more. I may possibly go in to get a new chin-rest for my fiddle, as I broke mine the other day. Rosella brought back the silk scarf. Yes, the song on the [illegible: Volges?] is the identical one the Mandolin Club played. Sounds natural, doesn't it? Must go to bed now. With lots of love, Mary. Has rained for two days here.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Scholarships; Food poisoning; Examinations; Clothing and dress; Shafer Hall; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 March 13



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