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Letter to her mother discussing studying for exams; and describing dinner in Wellesley downtown (the vill), the "after math" tea her hallmates held for freshmen after exams, and the ice carnival on Lake Waban.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 6 February, 1912 Dear Mamma: I haven't heard anything about your leaving yet, so I assume that you are still at home. I hope you can get away before long. If you don't for any reason get here until next week, come just the same, and I'll cut classes to entertain you. Lots of people cut for days at a time, right after midyears! Two exams to-morrow, and I [page 2] don't feel at all well prepared. I've studied Astronomy all day long, but don't feel that I know anything about it. It's going to be a big bluff if I get through. After these two exams I must copy my Lit. paper which is due on Thursday. Esther and I took a vacation yesterday. I did it mostly to prevent her studying. After her Trig. exam she was simply worn to a thread, so we made fudge and just fooled around. Tried to go skating, but I broke my strap again so that was all off. We finally dressed and went down to the Inn for dinner. Were much amused at the antics of a crowd of [page 3] men with their wives, who had snowshoed in from some nearby town. After we came back we read a story aloud to-gether, and finally went to bed. Didn't get up to breakfast. The girls across the hall, and all around us, gave and “after math” tea to all their freshmen this afternoon. They had the whole place upset, and put some of their furniture in here. It was a spiffy affair I tell you. We went up in Nell’s room and made tea for her after her exam. Managed to use up all the rest of the time until dinner. To-night we have been down on the lake, [page 4] looking at the ice carnival. The lake is gay with lanterns and men and girls and popcorn stands. We had no skates but managed to walk around and act silly for a while. Then we went up and entertained Mrs. Snow a few minutes. She isn't staying here, but came up for the evening. By the way, she wanted to be remembered most kindly to you. Well, I must either study or go to bed, so I won't write any more now. Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Tradition and Ritual;Academics;Student Life


Examinations; Dinners and dining; Tea parties; Mathematics; Winter Carnival; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 February 6



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