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Letter to her mother describing her last semester's grades, a warning note she received in Gym, and her busy schedule including writing an opera with friends, schoolwork, and several upcoming events on campus.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, 29th February, 1912. Dear Mamma: I suppose you are safe in the home nest by this time, but I tell you the world looks with a hard and unpitying eye on me! (In spite of the fact that my mother has just visited me). Well perhaps it isn't so bad as that, but just now I feel rather despondent about gym, and on account of getting B on a theme (a come-down, you know). I suppose I ought to be thankful that I didn't get E, like some girls. I went to Miss Fearon to see why I got a warning note in gym. [page 2] She wasn't especially encouraging of course. She told me “carriage” and “effort” were low. I'm going to see her again, and also see if I can't practice there some extra time. But cheer up! all is not dark despair. I went to see Mr. Macdougall after class yesterday and told him I could not understand why I had no better than C. After looking at his book he asked me to bring my credit card to him. I did so after lunch, and the fact developed that somebody had made a mistake, and that my mark ought to be a B. Naturally I am greatly relieved. I went to my Bible teacher this morning, but didn't expect any such luck there. She told me what to do to raise my grade, and I told her what I thought was the matter [page 3] of her teaching! Perhaps not so bad as that, but she's so young that I can't be awfully respectful to her. I've made a few more extra resolutions to study harder this semester, but the ever-present non-Academic continues just the same. Esther and I and another girl have the job of writing this opera that we are to give. It has to be done before Tuesday. Saturday night is Barnswallows,- an “Intercollegiate Meet”- it is called. Monday night is the Artist Recital, Lhevinne, pianist. Next Saturday is the play. Have attended Bible lectures on two evenings, have to go to the Observatory to-night, do a Lit. lesson, and write an Italian Sonnet, to-morrow night is Orchestra and Bible class I expect. Oh, well, [page 4] if I wasn't busy I wouldn't feel natural I suppose. I wish you could have been at Lit. class this morning. Miss Shackford gave us a little lecture about worrying over marks. We get a moral lecture of some kind quite often. A funny thing happened in Comp class Tuesday, just after we left you. Dr. Wong said that he wanted to post a notice on the Eng. bulletin board, but didn't know where it was. Several people shouted out directions, but he finally said, “Well, Miss Rosa, will you pilot me to it after class?” Which I accordingly did, but was very brief and business-like with him, as I had to go to gym. I wonder why he picked me out anyway. With leaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Athletics and Physical Education;Faculty, Staff and Administrators


Opera; Physical education and training; Grading and marking (Students)

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 February 29



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