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Letter to her mother explaining why she had not sent a letter in days; discussing her parents' travel plans; and describing studying for exams. Discusses several dinner parties, one where she played violin while another guest played piano.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 4 February, 1912. Dear Mamma: Whatever did you think of me for not writing you Thursday, or Friday either? You must be quite worried by this time. But the fact is, I was so busy studying for my exam that I simply didn't have time, and then in the morning I went off to chapel and didn't get back here till noon, consequently forgot to even send a postcard. I know it was awful, but you see Midyears’ only come but once a year. Another thing is that I didn't know exactly [page 2] where you were, about then. I hope you won't be detained much longer about getting away. Of course I shall be glad if you finally manage to be here for Glee Club Concert. But it seems to be a shame for you not to go to New York. Don't you think you had better go there with Papa, just the same, even if he goes after being here? You could both come back as well as just one. I think the Ring operas are being given now. “Der Rheingold” was given last week, and “Walkure” is to be this Thursday. Now about what I want to hear. I found out that make “Mignon”, with Tetrazzini, is to be given Friday night; Saturday afternoon, Faust, with nobody [page 3] in particular. I don’t know about Monday. Now if you want to hear Tetrazinni again, we’ll go Friday night, but aside from that, I’d a little rather hear “Faust”, as I know some of the music of it. I won’t do anything about tickets, of course, until you come. Well! two exams are over, and they weren’t very hard. Lit. I studied for a lot, and Comp. not very much. I’m going to study to-morrow for Music, but not very much, - I’m sure I can pass it. Astronomy I shall study for a lot, but don’t expect it will be hard. To-morrow Esther has her awful Math. exam. Poor girl, she’s nearly distracted. She’s been studying it continuously since yesterday noon, with absolutely no stop [page 4] except for meals and a few hours’ sleep. We’re both going to get up early in the morning and work at it some more; I helped her all yesterday afternoon and evening. Her mind doesn’t seem to retain it at all. What she learned perfectly last week is absolutely gone, and has to be done over. We had a very nice communion service this morning. A Mr. Butler, from Northampton, preached. I went with Nell; Esther of course didn’t go. We had a party at dinner to-day. Julia had her mother and brother here, and we girls sat with them. After dinner we all went in the parlor. Everybody wanted to hear Francis play, but he absolutely refused, and almost made a [page 5] scene. Finally, to get him to the piano, I got my violin down and asked him to play my accompaniments. Then after I had played a while, he did play alone. My playing made quite a stir, - you see I haven’t played before. I’ve had lots of compliments. After he played a 1910 girl who is visiting here, came and sang. She’s studying for opera at N.E.C. and really has quite a voice. But oh! so Frenchy! We had a supper party up here to-night for Mrs. Snow. She really enjoyed it a lot. We had fruit salad, using some of your salad dressing. I also used some the other night for a table party, - a farewell for Miss McKeag, who leaves this week to assume her [page 6] duties as president of Wilson College. I’m sure I don’t know how she’ll get along down there. You know I told you how talkative she is. I think I’d better go to bed, if i’m going to help Esther study in the morning. I’ll need all the brains I can master, to push her through. Hope to hear from you soon about when you are coming. Lovingly, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Academics;Faculty, Staff and Administrators


Examinations; Parties; Music; Violin; Piano

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 February 4



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