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Letter to her mother describing her upcoming exams; also mentions the death of an acquaintance, going to the symphony, and making plans for her family's upcoming trip to Boston.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 30 January, 1912. Dear Mamma: At last this semester’s work is over! I have just been to my last academic appointment (gym). Now all that remains is to stuff my head and empty it, three or four times successively, during the next ten days. After that I may forget anything and everything as fast as I want to. Your letter came this morning and needless to say, it was very welcome. I think your dress is very lovely, and Esther is quite crazy about it. I should enjoy the same shades myself. I'm glad Julia is back. It will [page 2] relieve you quite a bit. I was sorry my laundry had to come home while you were there alone to tend to it. Thank you very much for the new salad dressing. We shall use some Sunday night on fruit salad for supper. I have it out doors on the window sill, so it can't spoil unless freezing hurts it. Esther got some suet yesterday to attract birds, and she has it fastened up with a stick and some string. The window still looks very decorative, especially from below. I sent you the trunk key on a Dennison's tag yesterday. I hope it reaches you safely. I was afraid you might be leaving tomorrow, and would need it right away, so I didn't wait to put it in a box. Please bring some music, as I want Esther and Julia and Nell to hear you sing, as well as hearing you myself! We [page 3] can go up in the Elocution room some time when it isn't being used, or even down in the parlor when nobody is there. That piano was tuned yesterday, for which I'm profoundly thankful. It had gotten pretty bad lately. I was so sorry to hear about Miss Baker’s death. It seems almost too hard for them to bear. I don't know anything about the Boston hotels either. I can't think of anybody to ask about it. Of course the Touraine is the nicest (Tremont and Boylston Sts.) but I rather suspect it would be too expensive for the likes of us. I can't tell anything from my guide to Boston, and besides it is very out of date. As to music, I would like to go to the Symphony Concert, as I haven't ever been you know, and to Opera, either [page 4] Saturday afternoon or Monday night. As to the Handel and Haydn Society, you may decide. If you should come to Boston Friday morning, would you come out here to get me, or shall I meet you in turn? I shall be through at 4.00 P.M. If you'll come out after me, I'll let you ride back on my communication ticket for 14 cents apiece. I don't have to be back here until 10.50 Tuesday morning. I haven’t any suit case you know. Shall I borrow Esther’s? I find that I am not allowed to have you in College Hall more than three days without special permission. I have applied for those three days, but what do you think? Would you rather be up here three days over Sunday, or three days during the week? With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts; Wellsville, New York


Academics;Home and Family


Examinations; Vacations; Campus visits; Hotels; Death

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 January 30



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