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Letter to mother describing receiving clothing, taking Wellesley Special to Boston for Josef Hofmann concert, attending Barn play "Alabama" and sermon by Bowdoin College president, class assignments, Bible Study questions, upcoming Carmen Melis recital, and broken ice skates.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 21 January, 1912 Dear Mamma: The box marked “laundry” came yesterday morning. I didn't know what it was, of course, and didn't have time to undo it before going in town. When I got back and found it was only a blanket, I felt quite stung. Of course I am grateful for it. The nights aren't quite so cold lately. The underwear amused me some. It must be what you referred to as that which I “shed” at leaving home. I wonder how I managed to shed four union suits at once. [page 2] Yesterday and to-day have been rather busy. I had classes all yesterday morning, or rather, was gone from the building all the morning, so I had to dress for the concert when I got up. After my last class I had just a half an hour in which to eat lunch, comb my hair, get my hat and coat on, and get to the station. Needless to say I did it. The Wellesley Special got us to Boston so early that we walked out to Symphony Hall and then had to wait twenty minutes before we could even get in. Hofmann was very good, but of course I don't like a piano recital the best of anything in the world. You may keep the enclosed program, as I have another. [page 3] Last evening at the Barn was a play - “Alabama” - with almost an all star cast. It was just about the best one that has ever been given there. We managed to get fairly good seats, although we didn't go down very early. Of course, when we came home it was time to go to bed. This morning we had breakfast in here. The room smells of toast yet, although we've aired it all day. We got through and washed the dishes in time for Nell and I to go to chapel. The sermon was very good - by the president of Bowdoin College. We had all the Stone Hall bunch up to dinner. I had Hester Kugler, Esther had Louis, Julia had Erminie, and Nell [page 4] had Helen Humphrey and Slip. We listened to the music after dinner (what there was of it) and then went over to Pomeroy to a Crofton reunion. Had more to eat over there, and a good time. Came back nicely in time for supper. After supper we four went up in Elocution Hall, where there is a piano, and had vocal and violin music. Then we adjourned to Nell's room and read aloud together for a while. We just came down from there, and it is almost bed-time. I can't remember what other letters I was going to write, or I would be more bothered about it. I suppose my laundry has reached you safely by this time. It left here [page 5] sometime Friday morning. We had a cut in Comp. Friday afternoon, the first Dr. Long has given us. He certainly is making us work some. We have themes every day, and things to read [deletion: write] besides. I’ll enclose the paper of questions we used in Bible Study last time. It was very interesting as you can see. We've had Amos in our regular Bible course, so we know quite a lot about him. Since Christmas the work has been altogether more interesting. It hasn't been any belief-shattering stories. We're studying Isaiah just at the present. Astronomy gets harder every day. The work they're piling on to us all of a sudden is perfectly appalling. Of [page 6] course it's interesting as can be. All about the distance, size, period, etc. of all the planets. Musical Theory is a little stiffer lately too. We work all the time at harmonizing - just now it's writing charts. It's so hard for me to stick to the rules, when I know that in reality, nobody minds them. I guess it's good discipline though. The second artist recital is to-morrow night,- Carmen Melis. I wish you could be here for it. I also wish I had my pink dress to wear; but I'm really glad it isn't here, for our new wardrobe smells dreadfully of varnish, and I wouldn't want it to [page 7] be in there. I didn't have any letter from you yesterday. It's rather unusual, but I'm not worrying. Probably one will come to-morrow. I did have an invitation from the Art Department to come to an exhibition next Saturday, of the work of some of the courses. Nell is taking it, and she got me my invitation. Skating is fine again, but Esther broke my skate yesterday, so I shan't be tempted to go to-morrow when I ought to be studying. Must stop now, and go to bed, so I will be in good shape. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Clothing and dress; Concerts; Hofmann, Josef, 1876-1957; Melis, Carmen, 1885-1967; Skating; Homework; College Hall; Stone Hall; Pomeroy Hall; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 January 21



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