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Letter to Helen describing dorm life with her roommate, the other girls and the rising bell; her academic schedule and more detailed descriptions of French, Botany and Physical Education; and how she keeps so busy she often has to get a bagged lunch.


Oct. 7. 1910 The Crofton Wellesley Dear Helen, You can't imagine how surprised I was to get two letters from you in so short a time. When I got the second one I thought something [deletion: was] must be the matter, but finally concluded that you were writing to show me the AΞD paper. It's too bad that Harry ignores you so, but maybe after a while when he gets homesick he'll be glad to come and see someone he has known before, namely you. This is Friday afternoon and as I have only two classes tomorrow, I feel as though my work for the week was over. [page 2] I came home at half past three in order to see Esther before she went, but found that she went on an earlier train than she expected when I left her this morning. She is gone home to attend the wedding of a girlfriend, and won't be back till Monday. In the meantime I shall have a chance to get lonesome. She is so jolly and nice that I miss her when she is not around, really I am awfully fond of her already. We get on grandly together. She doesn't have to wake me up in the morning because I wake up myself - now think of that! I hear the rising bell when it rings and get up as soon as I want to. If she gets ready for breakfast before I do she waits for me, and vice-versa. I don't mind making my bed every day because I can't bear to see it unmade. My schedule is rather hard I think: [handwritten schedule] Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 9:00 Botany Botany 9:55 Botany Botany 10:50 Botany Eng. Comp Hygiene Eng. Comp 11:45 Botany Math Math Math Math 1:30 French French French 2:30 English History History Lecture History 3:30 Physical Education Physical Education It looks as though I were taking Botany most of the time, but you see it is a three-hour course and we have double periods. Some days we have laboratory, some days field or garden and work, and other days a Recitation and Lecture. The latter we had today; the lecture was about cells and plant forms and was perfectly grand. Your schedule is a cinch compared to mine. On three days in the week I have to take up my [page 3] lunch in a little paper bag. It's all right on pleasant days when we can go and sit down on the lake shore, but I imagine it will get awfully monotonous after a while when worse weather comes. We always have the same thing: four sandwiches, a piece of cake and an apple (or some grapes). Maybe the menu will change after a while. I think you will be interested in the enclosed clipping - you can see that there is no chance for me in anything. We have a very nice lot of girls in the house here, at least I have seen a great many up at college that I am glad are not here. We are pretty well acquainted by this time, and have great times together. One of the girls on this floor, Marguerite Gumpf, had a letter from a friend of hers who is a freshman at Syracuse. This [page 4] girl's roommate knows you very well. Do you know who it is? The girl did not mention her roommate’s name. Another one of the girls, Mable Silsby, told me that her graduating class went to Washington D.C. on a trip. There were thirty-two in the class and she said they had a grand time. Of course! The girl who sits next to me in French class is named Miriam Shoe, and lives in Philadelphia. She went to a girls’ school there, and her class went to Washington to study art or something. There were two hundred and sixty five in the class, and they stayed at some swell hotel. She made me feel so small that I didn't know what to do. Our French teacher is new this year but I think she is very good. The grammar [deletion: was] we use was written by the head of the French Department here [page 5] and one of the other professors. It is good but could not be used in high school, as it takes too much for granted. Our hygiene course consists of one lecture a week. Yesterday the lecture was by a prominent physician from Boston. It was just fine. Our work in Physical Education commences next week. It will be outdoor games for a while and then gym. One of the girls in the house here has the astonishing name of Julia Diadema Sapphronia Snow. She is a perfectly lovely girl, I imagine she belongs to quite a distinguished family, as they are evidently well-to-do. She is from Greenfield Mass and has a brother studying music in Boston. He has been out here a couple of times and she is going there to spend Sunday tomorrow. Well I have a little studying to do so I think I will say au revoir. I want to get to bed early tonight. Be sure and give Mamma a good time when she comes up. Mary October seventh Nineteen ten P.S. if you write to me in German I'll answer in French.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Roommates; Homework; Botany; French; Physical education and training

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to Helen, 1910 October 7



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