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Letter to mother about unpacking, items needed from home, exam schedule, and upcoming student government meeting.


[image: stylized initials; MR] 206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 4 January, 1912. Dear Mamma: I just started to sew on that dresser cover, but discovered that I didn't bring the cotton along to button-hole it with, so I can't do any more. Will you please send it to me? It is the soft silky spool; I have the darning cotton to pad it with. I also forgot to bring one of those blue calendars of the church. Mr. Stone gave me one on purpose. And I can't find my new bar pin. Think I must have left it on the [page 2] dresser, as I don't remember putting it in anywhere. If you could send me those things when you send my sailor suit. We are not very hard at work yet but there's lots in sight. Went to chapel this morning and the attendance was large. The alarm clock went off all night, so Esther says, but I didn't hear it. I did wake up in time for breakfast though. Found a book from Dr. Banks with my mail yesterday. The name of it is “The Sunday Night Evangel.” My trunk came up about four in the afternoon, so I have it all unpacked and the room settled. We got to bed early and slept well. [page 3] One of the girls told me this morning that I looked nice and rested. I hope I do. I saved some money by not having any breakfast yesterday. I didn't get very hungry either. I ate the apple, and some crackers which Connie donated. My exams are as follows: Lit. Friday p.m. Feb. 2 Comp. Saturday a.m. Feb 3. Music. Wednesday a.m. Feb. 7 Astron. “ p.m. “ “ Bible Friday p.m. Feb. 9 You see they are well scattered around. The first week will be an easy one, so I can get those Lit. papers done, and lots of sleep. The second week isn't bad either. [page 4] The weather is cold here, and the lake looks like skating before long. We are entertaining callers as usual this morning, but they are amusing themselves with studying. To-morrow afternoon there is to be an important Student Government Meeting, so the 1.30 and 2.30 classes will be suspended. That lets me out of only one class. Must do some Lit. for to-morrow [deletion: f] so farewell. With love, Mary. P.S. Hope you are not very lonesome.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Examinations; College student government; College Hall; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 January 4



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