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Letter to mother about receiving food from home, unusually warm weather, upcoming Christmas vespers, and photograph of lake view.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 10 December, 1911. Dear Mamma: What a brilliant thought of yours it was to send all those cute little apples, when I hadn't asked for any feed! We were so rejoiced to see them that we didn't know what to do. And those cookies! If anything ever tasted like home, they did. Please thank Julia a thousand times. We resolved right away to have Sunday morning breakfast, although we had planned not to; but you [page 2] see it doesn't cost us anything except for cream. We had it up in Nell’s room, and some Seniors next door didn't have anything to eat, so we invited them in. They thought everything was fine, especially the cookies. One of them has a little sister visiting her, who is coming to Wellesley in the fall of 1914. We were late to chapel, but managed to get there for the anthem, which was nice. It is so warm and summer-like to-day that I couldn't wear my fur coat as I had hoped. I hope it will get cold before Thursday. The ice on the lake is disappearing fast. [page 3] I've been very unusually busy for the last two or three days, and managed to get myself somewhat tired. I took a nap yesterday afternoon, and as a consequence couldn't sleep for a while last night. I wonder why it is? I certainly was sleepy enough. To-night is Christmas vespers. I'm looking forward to it greatly. I'm so glad we haven't any men to tote around; last year we almost missed both Christmas and Easter vespers on account of the creatures. Esther rather expects a girl from Radcliffe to come over this afternoon, but she hasn't shown up yet. [page 4] Yes, the lake view I sent was taken from our window. I'm sorry the print of it isn't any better, but the negative seems to be all right. I think you're very wise not to send the polo cap to me. I certainly haven't needed it yet, and probably shan't this week. Is Ben in good shape for driving? I can't imagine how it would be to ride after him again. I never saw the time fly the way it has this fall. It seems only a few days ago that I left home. And now before I know it I will be there again. But meanwhile I must write a criticism of one of Burke’s speeches and a lot of music notes. Must stop now. Will probably write a letter or postal Tuesday night. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Food; Weather; Vespers; Christmas; College Hall; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her Motther, 1911 December 10



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