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Letter to mother about vacation in Connecticut with roommate, quizzes, upcoming Christian Association meeting, attending orchestra practice and "math book burial," and plans to see the Kneisel Quartet.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 3 December, 1911. Dear Mamma: Rested! Well hardly. That isn't what vacations are for, you know. A good many girls went to dances both nights and came back more dead than alive. We weren't as bad as that, however. But the vacation was so short that the excitement itself was tiring. We went to Boston and took the two o’clock, as I said, in order to get [page 2] to Hartford earlier, but on account of the crowd it was late, so we didn't really gain anything by it. We got out to Farmington at seven o’clock. Spent the evening “sitting around” and talking. Esther’s brother who was married last June, is there for two weeks with his wife. They're both just as nice as they can be, and we had just a nice quiet jolly time. Thursday morning we went to church. After dinner, we received callers in a steady stream until evening, then took a tiny walk before supper. We had to get up early Friday morning to leave on the trolley at seven o’clock. The ride back was not so tiresome as there were other [page 3] girls that we knew, on the train. We got here at 11:30. Found our room all cleaned and warm, so it was good to get back. It isn't nearly so cold here as at Hartford. Had two quizzes yesterday, one of them a surprise (in music), but neither was bad. I don't expect any this week. But it will be fairly busy I think. Mr. Macdougall is to lead C.A. meeting Wednesday night; subject, “Christmas Carols”, assisted by the Choir. I am so sorry not to have written you in so long, but there really hasn't been a chance. I thought of telegraphing you yesterday that I am still alive, but feared to scare you. [page 4] Friday night I went to orchestra practise and afterwards to the Math book burial. Yesterday afternoon we went to the vill and ate supper in our room. My stomach seems to be somewhat upset from irregular meals etc. I didn't go to church this morning, but we took a nice long walk. This afternoon I slept two hours. Esther insists that I must go to bed now (eight thirty) so I won't write any more. The cantata came all right and looks promising. Hope I can get at a piano sometime. Kneisel Quartet to-morrow night! How would this be, to make up my pink dress draped with black chiffon? I would love it. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Farmington, Connecticut


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Faculty, Staff and Administrators


Vacations; Travel; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Kneisel Quartet; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 December 3



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