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Letter to mother describing cold weather, managing her alarm clock, ice skating on Lake Waban, plans to go shopping, and learning that her teacher met her aunt and uncle in Washington D.C.


206 College Hall Wellesley, Massachusetts, 7 January, 1912. Dear Mamma: My, what cold weather! I've been very glad I brought back the comfortable, especially as the maids neglected to leave me a clean white spread after vacation, and I haven't had time to go after it. Last night we slept without any windows open at all, and weren't any too warm. Julia and Nell woke us up when they came back from breakfast, and brought us some toast, so that we didn't quite starve before dinner. But the Episcopal service was quite long, and we did get rather hungry. [page 2] The persuit [mis-spelling: pursuit] of the alarm clock remains highly interesting. Friday morning I had it on the table about three feet from my bed. It went off all night I guess, but exhausted its energies in so doing, so that when Esther woke me up, forty-five minutes later, the hands still pointed to quarter of seven. Yesterday morning I had it moved over to the head of my bed, and it went off all night I think, but when we woke up it was twenty minutes of eight- too late to get breakfast- so we quietly rolled over and slept till quarter of nine. Then Esther had to hurry some to get to a nine o’clock class, but I fortunately didn't have any. But we've been to Chapel every morning except yesterday, and hope to get ourselves into fit condition to be waked up early, [page 3] this week. We heard Bishop Lawrence preach this morning, and had a very good turkey dinner. Last evening we went out on the lake to skate, but my strap broke the first thing, so I simply walked around while the others skated. It was good exercise, and the air was plentiful and fresh. We are planning to go in town tomorrow morning. I hope it won't be too cold, although my fur coat leaves very little to be desired. I'm going to get some low shoes, and try to find a table cover. I saw Miss McDowell the other day in the hall, and she said she had been down to Washington during the holidays and seen my uncle and aunt - in fact, she said she sat next to Aunt Mary at a dinner, and had a very nice visit with her. By the way, what is Aunt Mary's address? It's 3230 something or other, isn't it? I want to write to her. I haven't heard anything from you since I came. Hope you are all right. I told you that my address would be the same as usual. With lots of love, Mary. P.S. Haven't received any Outlook yet.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Buildings and Grounds;Home and Family;Student Life


Weather; Skating; Shopping; College Hall; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 January 7



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