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Letter to mother describing receiving items from home, cold and icy weather, shopping, quizzes and assignments, and receiving positive feedback from her English teacher.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 9 January, 1912. Dear Mamma: “A bar pin”! Did you send those of Will’s for a joke, or didn't you know that I wanted that nice gold one that Julia gave me for Christmas? I hope you can find it, because I need it badly. I think it must be on Helen’s dresser. Thanks a lot for the apples. I don't think they made the clothes smell any. Even the newspapers come in handy, as we are saving all we can find, for Student’s Building. The sailor suit looks great. I got along without it all right. [page 2] The black dress is very satisfactory. I've worn it several days. To-day I tore a hole in my stocking (clean this morning) climbing the ropes in gym, so you'll have some nice little mending to do. Oh, my, but to-day has been queer! We went to chapel this morning in the rain, with the air like thawing spring. Coming back, we were treated to rain, hail, and snow, in quick succession, with the wind blowing as hard as it could. Since then everything has frozen up tight again, so that the walks are a glare of ice. It took me about fifteen minutes to walk over to gym. Esther went in Town with Nell this afternoon, so I am alone for a few hours. Nell's father asked her to come in [page 3] to dinner and bring someone along. It seems that he is up this way on business for a day or so. Oh, won't I have a nice time when you folks come around! What do you think of my exams? Aren't they rather convenient? Yesterday morning Julia and I went in town and shopped, with the thermometer around the zero point. I got me some low shoes, and a couple of picture frames. We came back before lunch, as I had to write a theme and study for a Lit. quizz. The latter came off this morning. I was pretty scared about it, but managed to get through it. I have another in astronomy to-morrow. My one creed [page 4] nowadays is to go to bed early. It makes Esther awfully disgusted with me. Last night we went up in Nell’s room and made candy. Had a lovely time,- seemed just as if we never had to study. This morning we brought our share down;- soon afterwards the Crofton bunch flocked in to leave their coats and rubbers, so we weren't bothered with candy very long! I had a conference with Dr. Long, our new English teacher, to-day. He told me that, except for weak verbs, my style was very creditable,- among the best in the class. Perhaps there is some hope! Mission study class has wasted a lot of time this evening, so I must [deletion: illegible] stop. With love, Mary. The mileage book you are to turn in.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Weather; Examinations; Shopping; Grading and marking (Students); College Hall; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1912 January 9



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