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Letter to mother about completing forensic, how family friends are doing, mission study and bible class schedules, and Lit and Comp class activities.


We haven't yet got through laughing over your Telegram. 206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 14 November, 1911. Dear Mamma: Well, last night was another “big time” in the forensic line. We sat up till mid-night and then worked right up to the minute they were due, to-day. It sounds awful but had to be done. But- they're over at last, and now I'll begin to work on Ireland and Home Rule. Don't you envy me? My forensic on India was 37 pages, that is just the outline, or brief; the next one is to be shorter. [page 2] I was glad to have yours and Helen's fat letter this morning. I had quite a lot of mail, just because I was too busy to read it. The social Friday night sounds very interesting. Wish I could have been there. Will they be likely to have another in about four weeks? Have you heard from the Van[illegible: kenrens?]’s lately? Florence says her mother is so much better that they hardly dare mention it for fear of breaking the spell. Also, that they're going to Elmira for Christmas, in the same old way, and come to Wellsville afterwards, she doesn't know just when. It doesn't seem to me that will give them much time before I come back. We had the best time yesterday over at [page 3] Natick. Anne’s landlady fed us up till we felt as if we had eaten a Thanksgiving dinner. We got back at four o’clock. Yesterday was so very, very cold it made me sigh for a fur coat. Today is some better. There's some consolation in the fact that I sleep warm enough, nights. Haven't been outdoors much today except to gym and to practice. We've been having meetings to-night to get things arranged. We are to have a mission study class (subject; City Missions) every Tuesday night at 7:30. We are to have a Bible study class on Friday night, but it conflicts with orchestra so that may be changed. Wednesday night, of course, is C.A., and Saturday night, Barn. Makes it some full, doesn't it? [page 4] My Lit. quiz paper that I got back to-day, says “Careful Work,” so I don't know exactly about the grade. Miss Shackford scolded us all dreadfully about the papers and then ended up saying that they were pretty good. In Comp. today we corrected each other's forensics. The one I had was: “Resolved, that Maine's prohibitory laws should be repealed.” I told the girl after class I wasn't a bit convinced and she almost got offended. Our comp teacher has [deletion: really] recently become engaged, so doesn't make us work very hard. We hear that she is to leave us Christmas-time. I've about given up on going to Symphony because the other girls backed out. Too bad! I must go to bed early, so farewell. With heaps of love, Mary. Glad Papa's feeling better.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Home and Family;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life


Report writing; Grading and marking (Students); College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 November 14



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