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Letter to mother describing recent meals at the Inn and with friends, Harvest Party at the Barn, musical vespers, finishing forensic, parents' health, upcoming prom and Harvard-Dartmouth game, and Thanksgiving travel plans home.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 12 November, 1911. Dear Mamma: You can imagine the mirth provoked at your telegram yesterday. It came just after lunch. We went down to town later on and bought some condensed milk, eggs and so forth. When we came back the laundry was here, so you can imagine that we have quite a supply of eatables on hand. For breakfast this morning we had red apples, cocoa, rolls, and eggs scrambled with ham. [page 2] We went to Stone Hall to dinner with the Kuglers. After staying there awhile we went over to Beebe to see Doris and Bonnie. Then we came home and made fudge and went to vespers. We just got home. It has been rather a full day. It is pouring rain now, but fortunately we got in before it began. I have on my pink silk dress to-day. We were extravagant again last night and went to the Inn. Bonnie has a friend visiting her over Sunday, a girl from Salt Lake City who is on her way to Paris to go to school, so she invited us to go down with them. We had a dandy time, and afterwards stopped in at the barn a few minutes on our way to the library to study. They were having a [page 3] harvest party at the barn, and evidently lots of fun. We managed to get in an hour’s studying. The service at chapel this morning was Episcopal. I didn't have any book to follow so it seems much longer than usual. Tonight we had musical vespers. “Hark, hark, my soul” was the principal anthem. It sounded lovelier than ever. To-morrow we are going over to Natick to lunch with Anne McKeon, a girl in our class who is there making up some credit. Meanwhile we've got to finish up our forensics. I'm so sorry you and Papa aren't feeling well. Of course you're both tired out. I feel guilty to think that you had to get my laundry ready to come back, when [page 4] you weren't feeling at all like it. Thank you so much for all the groceries. We’ll be crazy to cook all the time now, but fortunately will be too busy, I guess. The Prom is this week Saturday, also the Harvard-Dartmouth game, which is causing much excitement. Two weeks from Wednesday we go away for Thanksgiving. What do you mean by asking if I intend to come home by the New York Central on Erie? The N.Y.C. doesn't run to Wellsville, does it? Of course I'd come on the old reliable Erie unless you object. Am planning to go to the symphony rehearsal Friday afternoon and hear Shumann-Heink [mis-spelling: Schumann-Heink], if we can get seats. With lots of love, Mary. Why should I be familiar with that song from Samson and Delilah? Thanks so much for finding out about it.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Dinners and dining; Parties; Proms; Travel; College Hall; Stone Hall; Beebe Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 November 12



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