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Letter to mother about attempts to keep a better schedule, disappointment in her Music grades, wishing she could attend a symphony rehearsal with Harold Bauer, upcoming "math book burial" for even classes, Christian Association meeting, and plans to sell a bag she embroidered.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 23 November, 1911 Dear Mamma: I wonder if the package that is in the post office for me can be that cantata. I am very anxious to see it, but can't get it out until nine o’clock to-morrow. Esther has just gotten word that she has an express package at the office, which she thinks is her fur coat, so she's quite excited about that. We're both tired to-night and are going to try to get to bed early, although [page 2] Esther has a monstrous French lesson to do. Sadly we've been getting up late and going into breakfast at the last minute. I've decided that it's a very bad habit, as well as making it next to impossible to go to chapel, so I’m resolved to mend my ways. We got our note books back in music yesterday, so now I'm more discouraged about it than ever. Each one had a slip in with the mark. Mine was “fair” in some of it, “unsatisfactory” in some; the whole was marked excellent in form and arrangement. I'm worried about the unsatisfactory part; some of it was ear training, which I thought I did so well in. I'm going to [page 3] see him to-morrow. Everything else is a snap compared with that course, Comp. especially. We have a cut in it to-morrow, so I will have two classes in the morning and nothing else. I'm so sorry I didn't plan to go in to the Symphony Rehearsal. Harold Bauer is to play, and I’d like to hear him. But I can't seem to find anyone to go with. I hope I won't miss things all the year for that reason. We had a class-meeting last night to plan about our “Math book burial,” a ceremony which only the even classes have done, during sophomore year. Ours is going to be on the order of a colored military funeral. Esther and Connie are going to give a [deletion: speal] spiel. [page 4] We don't know yet when it is to be. Of course it is a great secret and mustn't be talked about much. This clipping about Field Day I intended to send before, but kept forgetting it. However it may remind you of what it was like. We had a splendid C.A. meeting last night led by the president of the Senior class (picture on the clipping). She's the most popular girl in college and simply adored by her class. I finished to-day that bag which I bought at [illegible: Mackniac] and started to embroider. I'm going to give it to the Students’ Building Fair, which happens next Monday. It's real cute. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Bauer, Harold, 1873-1951; Selling; Grading and marking (Students); Music; Field Day; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 November 23



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