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Letter to mother describing shopping in the village, taking a difficult Bible quiz, concerns about her academic performance, meeting to elect class officers, and organ lessons.


[image: college logo] 206 College Hall, 26 October, 1911. Dear Mamma.- I was so glad to have all your letters and postals following each other yesterday. I'm sorry you can't go to Ralston, but of course you know best. I do want to say first this: if you come as far as Hartwick can't you come out here for a few days? I'd love to have you. What do you think of this paper? It's strictly my own make. [page 2] We have just returned from a walk to the Vill, in which we purchased some of the things for our Sunday night supper. It's a beautiful night but rather cold. I was supposed to stop at the Observatory and see the moon, but it had gone down. Strange that Miss Whiting didn't know about that! I got excused from my call-out this morning on account of a sore finger, so I had more time to study for my Bible quizz. But I didn't know very much about it, and it was quite hard. I'm getting rather discouraged about [page 3] my work. I don't feel that I am doing credit work in everything, and of course I won't be satisfied with anything else. The standards are even higher than last year. You see in three courses I am mixed in with Juniors and Seniors who really know a lot. I hope I’ll improve as time goes on. Last night we had a class meeting and elected our officers for the year. It was highly exciting. We have a dandy president, much better than the old one. Alice Coseo was elected factotum,- she's the only one you know, I think. [page 4] I had an organ lesson to-day. I really don't think Miss Stowe knows how to teach. She says the same things over and over, and it's so tiresome. But anyhow, I have the daily practise, so I can't help getting along some. I want to go to bed early to-night, so I won't write any more. You needn’t send those clippings back, but send them to Helen if you want to. Will write her soon. Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Examinations; College student government; Organ (Musical instrument); Musical instruments--Instruction and study; College Hall; Whitin Observatory

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 26



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