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Letter to mother about travel plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, help identifying a piece of music, enjoying attending circus party, and receiving "excellent" mark on forensic.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 31 October, 1911. Dear Mamma: I'm so sorry that you have a cold. It's no use telling you to be careful, for I know you are the most careful person alive. Connie has a little poem called “He took ’em off too soon”, which I would like to recite to you, but it wouldn't exactly apply in your case. The weather is milder here today, and has been raining, but everyone is in suspense for fear it [page 2] will rain tomorrow, for then some of the “preliminaries” for sports come off. I'm so glad you are planning to come out here in February. I've already thought of several things we can do. Won’t it be fun to have you and Dr. Banks both in Boston? Before I forget it, will you tell me whether you think it is alright for me to come home by New York (at Christmas time I mean, six weeks from Thursday)? and shall I buy a ticket home, & berth, or depend on the chance of getting it in New York? I'm afraid I'd forget to ask you, later on, and the ticket man will be here to take orders before very long. About Thanksgiving. Esther says [page 3] she will be very much disappointed and offended if I don't go home with her, so on the whole I think I better, unless something new turns up. Julia’s invitation was given me, “in case I decided not to go to Esther’s.” Mrs. Hawley seems anxious for me to come too. I want to ask you again about some music. It's a great comfort to have a mother who knows. Over at Pomeroy Sunday we heard on the Victrola several good records. One of them sounded like Shumann [mis-spelling: Schumann] Heink and the song was also familiar, but I couldn't place it. Here is part: [Image: drawing of line of music] And later on, this strain: [Image: drawing of shorter line of music] It's grand opera, isn’t it? [page 4] Esther’s trying to sleep so I'll go to bed. May write more later. Wednesday Morning. We had the best time here Monday night at the circus. Esther and I were in the band, which led the parade and sat on a stand made up of the dining room tables, observing the performance. We wore pajamas and tall hats made of red blotting-paper. We played for various trained animals during the performance and for the dancing afterwards. The Refreshments were apples, cider and doughnuts. It's raining today so we don't know what will happen about the sports. With lots of love, Mary. P.S. I got “excellent” on part of my forensic on India which I didn't think was good at all.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Travel; Music; Grading and marking (Students); Parties; College Hall; Pomeroy Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 31



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