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Letter to mother about her suit, meals, making fudge, orchestra practice, serenade for President Pendleton, and possibility of attending performance of "The Blue Bird." Includes several notes of music for help in identifying the piece.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 22 October, 1911. Dear Mamma.- I just finished eating one of those lovely apples that you sent. They certainly are fine. The suit came yesterday afternoon. The coat fits exactly right, and looks dear. Thank you so much for fixing it. Esther fixed my hat last night, and I wore them [deletion: all] both to-day. She made a big bow of the blue velvet, and put it on one side. The Persian isn’t on it at all. [page 2] It is still raining here, and we do wish it would stop. This makes a whole week without a bit of sunshine. It's awfully depressing. The sermon this morning was by a Mr. Ross from Montreal. A woman is to speak to-night. We had breakfast up in Nell’s room from nine to ten-thirty today. We weren't really eating all the time, because everything had to be cooked. We had poached eggs on toast, cinnamon toast [deletion: ,] and bacon, coffee, and oranges. It was all so good! Naturally we didn't have much appetite for dinner. Esther was over to Pomeroy to dinner with Connie, and Janet was here [page 3] with me. Afterwards I went over to Pomeroy and watched them make fudge (of course I couldn't have any), then we went down to Crofton and saw Miss Swift. She pressed upon us to stay to supper but we didn’t think best. Well, Orchestra practice Friday night was rather interesting. There isn't much in it you know but violins. He asked me to play first, for which I was very glad. They were nine first violins and seven or eight seconds. The music we played was awfully simple, but he was working to get us to play together, more than anything else. It only lasted an hour. [page 4] The serenade to Miss Pendleton went off very well except that we got our feet muddy. I am enclosing some clippings which give a very good idea of the whole thing. Yesterday I received a bill for sixty-five dollars for organ lessons and practise. Isn't that cheerful? I'm much interested in the [illegible: exise?] column in the Reporter. Is there likely to be much trouble? Say, do you know what this is part of? Mr. MacDougall played it one morning in chapel, and I can't place it: [image: Treble Clef sheet music in D major, ¾ time. Measure one contains a dotted half-note D. Measure two contains a dotted-half note E. Measure three contains three quarter notes; D, B, C#. Measure 4 contains a dotted-half note A. Measure five contains the word “etc.”] We are thinking of going in town Saturday to see the “Blue Bird”. Won't that be fine? Must stop now and get ready for vespers. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Student Life


Wellesley College. Orchestra; Singing; Maeterlinck, Maurice, 1862-1949; Pendleton, Ellen F. (Ellen Fitz), 1864-1936; College Hall; Pomeroy Hall; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 22



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