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Letter to mother describing mother's visit to relatives, Astronomy class and working at the Observatory, starting Gym class, having her hair done at the Wellesley Toilet Parlor, travel plans home, recent Field Day, and seeing newspaper announcement about her joining Wellesley College Orchestra.


206 College Hall 7 November, 1911. Dear Mamma: I begin to feel very guilty for not having written you last Thursday night, because you mention it so much, but you see I didn't know for sure where you were, and had enough to do anyway,- that was the night I went to the Observatory. Before I forget it. You may perhaps notice that the buttons are off those petticoats I sent home. It makes me sore, because they are the ones I so [page 2] carefully fixed. If you have time to fix them again I would appreciate it. I'm glad to you got to Hartwick safely, but I hope you didn't have to stay any longer than to-day. Would Aunt Anna appreciate a postal from me, do you think? It will be a great relief to you not to have her at home, but I suppose there will be more or less anxiety to know how she is. This is the most delightful warm day; it's almost summer-like except for the whirling wind. I haven't been out much, as my only two classes were in this building. To-morrow will be quite different. Wednesday is my busy day you know, but I like it, because Astronomy lab. is such fun. The Observatory itself is so nice, and the work so interesting that I forget everything else for the time. [page 3] We had gym to-day for the first. I thought they might let us off easy, but oh, no! We had the whole thing, even to shower baths. I am in the regular class this year - not Light Gymnastics any more- so evidently I've improved since last fall. I liked it much better except that my hair kept coming down. The reason for that is that I had it washed yesterday down at the Wellesley Toilet parlor. I would have done it myself but there's absolutely no place except the bathtub, and you know that wouldn't be very convenient. They wash it very well, and consequently it's as dry as a bone and entirely irresponsible. It won't stay up more than half an hour at a time. I've decided to let it go next time till I come home and then do it myself,- only five weeks now! (37 days I believe.) [page 4] I don't exactly see the point to your remark about my coming home by Boston,- “to leave there before dark.” Of course it wouldn't be very dark then, but I would be alone, probably, where if I went to New York Anna B. Carmichael would be delighted to take care of me for a few hours, I'm sure. As to getting home, I'd arrive at the same “ comfortable hour” either way. And so many girls go down New York way that I want to try it and be with the crowd. Please reconsider! Field Day yesterday was lovely. I'll try to get ahold of the newspaper clipping to send you. Yesterday's Boston Transcript had my name in as having joined the Wellesley College Orchestra. It was spelled right, too! Had a letter from Dr. Banks today which I will send you as soon as I answer it. Shumann-Heink [mis-spelling: Schumann-Heink] sings with the Boston Symphony next week! With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Arts, Theater and Music;Home and Family;Student Life


Astronomy; Hairdressing; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Physical education and training; Travel; Field Day; College Hall; Whitin Observatory

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 November 7



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