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Letter to mother about clothes not fitting normally; going into Boston and shopping at Jordan Marsh, eating lunch, visiting Museum of Fine Arts, and getting lost; delay in call outs; and plans for President Pendleton's inauguration.


The Kneisel Quartet play here Dec. 4. Dee Pachmann plays in Boston Saturday p.m. I'm crazy to go, but don't think best to cut Bible this week, as we have a quizz next Thurs. 206 College Hall, Wellesley Massachusetts, 17 October, 1911 Dear Mamma,- I just got your letter after dinner to-night, although I suppose it came while I was in the library this afternoon. I was down there doing a lesson for Saturday -what do you know about that? I've done everything else that I can think of for the week. I'm glad you like to have me write three letters a week as usual. I enjoy doing it, and it doesn't seem to take a great deal of time. Anyway I'm not so busy as I was last year. I have a faint suspicion that I'm [page 2] getting fat, or straightening up more, or something. The light blue dress which we fixed so nicely is about a half an inch short waisted. Well! If I didn't blow myself yesterday I never did any time. But the things were almost all some I needed, and have been waiting to get, ever since I came back. The program was as follows: we went into town at 10:15 and went directly to Jordan Marsh's. Here [deletion: we] I got some gloves (tan), a white waist, rather plain, for 98 cts. a plain black hat for five dollars (the cheapest they had), satin pumps for Sunday ($3.25), and half silk hose to wear with them (which Esther said I must have) for 50¢. A bath mat for 75¢ (there are no rugs in the bathroom) two jabots (one for Esther), bottle of cologne water, and a small lamp for my desk (very badly needed), $3.50. We had almost everything sent out [page 3] so weren't bothered with it. Then we stopped in Ditson’s and got some music, and had lunch in the Women's Educational and Industrial Union. A corking good lunch it was, the best I've ever had since the Downtown Club in New York, but cost us 90 cents apiece. Of course Esther hasn’t any money at present, so I paid everything. After that we went out to the art museum. Here we saved 50 cents by remembering that free tickets are issued to students. Esther was very crazy about it all, but you know I never did like those things (museums) very well. After staying there an hour we started out to call on Alta Emerson. I knew the street and location, but we got mixed up in “The Fens” and so walked and walked and finally landed way up on Beacon Street. We [page 4] then took a car downtown and came home. After examining the maps I think I can do better next time. We had another cut in Comp. to-day so I've had only one class again. Went to a call-out this morning, but it has rained ever since. If it rains to-morrow I suppose our competition will be postponed. Everyone is praying for fair weather Thursday. The whole College marches in a procession, as “escort”, to the chapel, but we don't expect to get in. Everybody in white, or in gowns- won't it be pretty? The Senior and S.J. presidents from last year were given enthusiastic cheering in center this morning. No I haven't written Florence Stickle yet. Are you sure it is 107? I thought 170. I intend to write her very soon. Lovingly, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Athletics and Physical Education;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Special Events;Student Life


Shopping; Jordan, Marsh and Company; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Pendleton, Ellen F. (Ellen Fitz), 1864-1936; Ellen Fitz Pendleton--Inauguration--1911; Inauguration; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 17



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