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Letter to mother describing President Pendleton's inauguration, attended by students, alumnae, and delegates from 94 universities, with a procession and receptions. Letter also describes Christian Association and student government meetings, not making the archery team, and receiving an invitation to join the orchestra.


Miss Pendleton’s Inauguration- MR 206 College Hall, Wellesley Massachusetts, 19 October, 1911 Dear Mamma,- The great day is almost over, (8:30p.m) and we are somewhat tired but very happy and foolish. It seems to go to our heads to have an impressive holiday. The weather hasn't been just exactly perfect, but at least it didn't rain during the procession this morning, which was the chief point. This afternoon it rained some, but almost everybody was indoors then. [page 2] This place is so full of strange people, especially men, in gowns with colored hoods, that it's a show in itself to watch them. There are delegates from ninety-four colleges and universities all over the world, besides any number from Wellesley’s former classes. The chief event occurred this morning at eleven o’clock. The procession marched from College Hall down there at 10:30, headed by the band. The four classes formed the escort, and stood on each side of the walk. Almost all the way back to college Hall everybody in white. Then after the academic procession had passed through we telescoped our lines and marched in. Not in, but to the door of the chapel and [page 3] then away. Later on we returned and were able to get seats in the back. It was most impressive. Afterwards we formed a line again and [deletion:cheered] clapped while they came back. Then we went to Norumbega to lunch. The delegates were entertained at a swell luncheon in College Hall dining room, which lasted a long while. We came back and looked on. There we spent the afternoon in our rooms. Had several callers and made tea. Then went to Norumbega to dinner and since then have been sitting around waiting for it to be nine-[deletion:thirty] fifteen at which time we serenade Miss Pendleton. [page 4] There have been various other receptions and things during this day, which we didn’t attend. Just now the Alumnae [deletion:reception] association are holding a meeting in chapel. I wish I could show you my big program that I got, but you can see it when I come home. Last evening we had a class meeting after Christian Association. The Juniors had one also, and elected their officers for the year, after which they came out and cheered in center. It was very exciting. Esther got on the running Team! We’re so happy that we don’t know what to do. She’s mighty [page 5] proud of her numerals I tell you. I didn’t get on archery, but then, I don’t suppose we could both have it. I’d much rather she would than I, because she’s worked harder. Yesterday morning I received a note like this from Miss Wheeler, of the Department of Music: “My dear Miss Rosa: It gives me pleasure to extend to you Mr. Foster’s invitation to join the Wellesley College Orchestra for 1911-12. The first rehearsal will occur on Friday evening, Oct 20 at 7.20 sharp in Billings Hall.” That’s very nice, isn’t it? It’s something to belong to that. Esther [page 6] has received an invitation to join the Alliance Française. We certainly are getting in things. Well, it’s nearly time to go to the serenade so I must stop. We’ve all been so enthusiastic to-day that we wish we could have an inauguration every year. Miss Pendleton looked fine and spoke very well. K. Bringham, our S.Y. President, made a short but splendid speech. Everyone is raving about her. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Athletics and Physical Education;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Special Events


Pendleton, Ellen F. (Ellen Fitz), 1864-1936; College student government; Archery; Wellesley College. Orchestra; Ellen Fitz Pendleton--Inauguration--1911; Inauguration; College Hall; Norumbega Cottage; Billings Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 19



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