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Letter to mother describing attending church, items received and needed from home, upcoming Field Day, extended forensic due date, viewing Saturn and the moon with observatory telescope, joining mission study and Bible classes, organ lessons, and class social to prepare for Sophomore Prom.


206 College Hall, 5 November, 1911. Dear Mamma: I didn't write Thursday night because I didn't know where you were. I don't know now for that matter, but I can't wait any longer. I've been out to dinner today again, and just got back, a few minutes ago. Janet called me up this morning and wanted me to come over to Norumbega, so over I went, as soon as church was out. We had communion, so it lasted till about one-o’clock. [page 2] They always have a long sermon and regular service here, just the same is on regular Sundays, so you can imagine how it is. This is the most wonderful warm day. We're intending to take a walk after a while. Esther was all ready to go when I came back, but when I said I wanted to write a letter she took off her cape and said she'd wait. Naturally I've been feeling guilty ever since. We have the funniest times this year. Once in awhile we almost quarrel. But it doesn't seem to disturb our affection any. You ought to hear what we heard the other day. One of the Seniors told [page 3] us that she was down in the village and saw Miss Swift, who began to talk about us. Said that we were such lovely girls, etc, and especially, that I was such a nice mother to Esther! Now isn't that interesting? The long coat and apples were very acceptably received. I'm out of training now, and Esther will be tomorrow, so we can eat anything anytime. I'm enclosing a list of things which I wish you'd send with my laundry. They're mostly staples you see. Could you put in a can some of that cooked mayonnaise that we have? No one out here knows anything about it, as it is all oil dressing. I want to see if the girls wouldn't like that kind. [page 4] To-morrow morning is Field Day. I hope it will be nice. We have some songs to sing, but I don't know them very well. We're going to wear Lavender frills with white boudoir caps I think. Gym begins Tuesday- won't that be pleasant? They don't lose any time about it, do they? The preliminaries were most exciting. They didn't come off till Thursday. Our class beat the Juniors in running (imagine how excited Esther was), but in nothing else. Consequently we don't have much to do tomorrow. We [illegible] the Seniors, but the other games will be between Juniors and Seniors. I'm afraid the Juniors stand a pretty good chance. Of course we want the seniors to [page 5] win everything else, because they are our sister class. Our forensic has been put off a week, so it isn't due Tuesday. It makes it lots easier. I'm thinking of taking Ireland and Home Rule for my next one. What do you think about it? I went to the observatory Thursday night and looked at Saturn and the moon through the telescope. It was a particular feeling to see those rings going around, because I hadn't really believed that they existed. It looked something like this: [image: Drawing of Saturn with rings and “moon” written on both sides] There were 5 moons in sight. [page 6] Esther and I have joined a mission study class and bible class for the year. They haven't begun to meet yet, but there is a preliminary meeting of the mission study people at one of the society houses tonight. The leader of ours is Emily Pardee, the girl I went to the Sophomore Prom with, last year. My organ lesson went better this week. I tried to show more enthusiasm so that Miss Stowe would say something new. I'm getting “on” to the working of the pedals, so that it doesn't tire me so much now. All the people who take practical music have been put into classes, [page 7] which meet every two weeks, and play and sing for each other, I believe. The first one of mine comes Thursday at four-thirty. I got credit on my Bible quiz. I haven't heard from Lit. yet but I think that was all right. I have one in Astronomy Wednesday, but there isn't anything to worry about. I think that will be all for the present. Miss Whiting mentioned yesterday in Astro. class that she was going down to Washington, later on, to visit the Bureau of Standards. I told her afterwards that my uncle was there, and she said she remembered him and had read some of his papers. [page 8] We had a class social last night in the Barn. It was principally to make flowers to decorate for the Sophomore Prom. We also had a moving-picture show. Esther was the heroine. Everybody was labeled with big signs, so it wasn't hard to follow. It was very funny. Two tall girls held a curtain across the stage, and rolled themselves up in it during the acts. In our music, choral practice Friday, we studied “All Through the Night.” Wish you could have been here. My sore finger was on my right hand. It's all right now. Hope to hear from you soon. Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Athletics and Physical Education;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Religious gatherings; Stargazing; Musical instruments--Instruction and study; Parties; Field Day; College Hall; Norumbega Cottage

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 November 5



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