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Letter to mother describing Columbus Day holiday in Massachusetts, Christian Association and student government meetings, upcoming orchestra tryouts, where to place wardrobe in dorm room, practicing organ, and plans to attend Sophomore Prom with Janet Davidson.


206 College Hall, Wellesley Massachusetts, 12 October, 1911 Dear Mamma,- To-day is a legal holiday in Massachusetts, but nobody would know it to look around here, except that the post office wasn't open much. Esther and I just returned from a walk to the vill. We found nothing open but the drug store, so we had a college ice [page 2] and returned. It's a beautiful evening, and the moon is glorious. Esther is going to bed now, at least she says she is, and I must too. Last night at Christian Association we were addressed by Dr.Coffin who spoke Sunday. He's good but too young to be real serious. After the meeting the Senior class had a meeting and elected their officers for the year. At nine-thirty they finished and came forth to cheer. It was quite exciting. One [page 3] of the girls elected, Dorothy Hart, is a real good friend of ours, and we were tickled to death that she got the honor. We sent her some roses this morning. To-morrow we have a cut in Comp., so it leaves me only two classes and two practise periods. In the afternoon I'm going to try out for the orchestra again. Here's hoping I get in it! I've [deletion:pl] been playing on my fiddle, nights after dinner lately quite a good deal. I'm getting back to where I was. [page 4] We don't want to put our wardrobe across the corner because the view from the hall wouldn’t be nice. We're expecting to hear from Miss Welch soon whether we will have a larger wardrobe or an extra one to keep in the hall. I practise on the organ on the fourth floor of Music Hall, which is down there by the chapel. Miss Stowe says I may practise on the chapel organ later on. I've seen Janet Davison several times. She is going to the Sophomore Prom with me (Nov. 30). We called on her Sunday afternoon. Must stop now, Lovingly, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Holidays; College student government; Violin; Organ (Musical instrument); Wellesley College. Orchestra; Proms; College Hall; Music Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 12



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