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Letter to mother describing calling on other students, eating dinner in a friend's room with gold and silver dishes, working on forensic, upcoming party for sophomores, and tailoring her blue suit.


P.S. Please don't send the atomizer, I haven’t any possible place to put it. But I could use bed-slippers now. 206 College Hall, Wellesley Massachusetts, 8 October, 1911 Dear Mamma,- Just a few minutes at the end of a busy day are left for letter-writing. This afternoon as soon after dinner as the music was over, we started out and made calls on a lot of people on the campus, and a couple of Freshmen in the village. When we got back we went up in Nell’s room, where we all got supper in chafing dishes, and rushed from there to [page 2] chapel, which was musical vespers. There was a big crowd and we had to sit on the back seat. Since then we have been hanging around [illegible], watching the men. Our supper up in Nell’s room was delicious. She had a chafing dish, tea-kettle, etc. which her sister left her, and they have bought some china and silver. We had creamed salmon on toast, then apple salad, cinnamon toast, and tea. The dishes haven't been done yet, and we have a guilty feeling that we ought to go up and help do them. Julia's brother and another man came out unexpectedly, so they have all gone [page 3] off somewhere. We have decided not to to go in town to-morrow, as we went to work on our forensics (Big Sophomore Theme). We intended to work at them yesterday, but Esther was seized with a raging headache so we didn't do anything. To-morrow night there is to be a big party in College Hall for the entertainment of the Sophomores. We are consumed with curiosity as to what it will be like. I think it's queer that you haven't had my letters as promptly as usual. I've certainly mailed them at the usual times. You must know by this time how much we do [page 4] enjoy that Morris chair. It's a perfect beauty, and the cushions are the softest we ever sat in. I was very much surprised to see by the paper that M.J. Hill is to be located at [illegible]. I thought he was going into Evangelistic work. I spoke to Esther about my blue winter suit. She said it would be nice if I could have the collar and cuffs taken off, and new ones of black satin put on, the collar with the wide lapels and sailor effect that are so fashionable now. What do you think? Then to get a plain black felt hat and she will trim it with the blue velvet and persian which I have. Mustn't write more now. With heaps of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Dress;Student Life


Dinners and dining; Parties; Clothing and dress; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 8



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