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Letter to her mother describing her forensic, where she and her roommate are arguing opposing sides of the subject "England is justified in governing India"; visiting the Boston Public Library to research forensic theme; and attending vaudeville party for sophomores.


206 College Hall, Wellesley Massachusetts, 10 October, 1911 Dear Mamma,- It seemed rather strange not to have a letter from you to-day, but Helen told me the news just as well as you could have done. I shall have your letter to look forward to to-morrow. Yesterday and to-day have been rush and tear from one thing to another. It seems a little unnatural to be so busy this year. [page 2] Yesterday we went to the library at nine and spent the morning there. We were hunting material for our forensic. I better explain about that I guess. The forensic is a long theme which every Sophomore writes, and is the bugbear and one source of interest during the first term. It is an argument in the grand style, -“Resolved that-” something or other. First we have to do the Brief, or outline. Esther and I are going to take opposite sides of the same subject, to see who can write the best argument. The subject is “Resolved, that England is justified in governing India”. Well, we hunted all through the library but couldn't find anything. So we came up and consulted Katharine Bingham (the [page 3] Student Government president), as we had been told that she took the same subject in her Sophomore year. She told us that she got most of her material in the Boston Library, and gave us the names of some of the books. So we decided we would have to go in after all (our “Introduction to the Brief” was due at twelve o’clock today), so we flew to change our clothes and eat lunch. Arrived in Boston, we spent a [deletion:illegible] busy two hours in the B.P. Library. We finally got on the trail of the books and some good magazine articles, although of course we couldn't draw them out to bring here. So we took a few notes and came back. After dinner we attended the party for the sophomores, [page 4] and each took a very necessary bath. At ten o’clock we spent one half hour doping stuff out of our heads for the Introduction (we got almost nothing from the books), also a busy hour from eight to nine this morning. Then Esther went to Zoo and I went to a call-out and Sit. At 11.35 I returned, and flew to copying. By dint of much haste and a few omissions, I got the thing done at three minutes of twelve, and flew up on the fourth floor to tuck it safely in the box. See the advantage of living in College Hall! I hardly have my breath yet. The party last night was a show, “Continuous Vaudeville”, etc. Take-offs on the college and loral hits. Had a perfectly grand time. There were lots of funny costumes. With love as always, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts


Academics;Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life


Report writing; Boston Public Library; England; India; Parties; Vaudeville; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 10



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