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Letter to mother about weather, clothing, rooms for next year, upcoming Tree Day and stepsinging competition, attending a table party with professor, and plans for coming home.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts 23 May, 1911. Dear Mamma,-Don't you wish we were on the ocean to-day, speeding through rough water? I do. I did yesterday too, wish that I was somewhere where there was a breath of air stirring. Wasn't it just awful? We couldn't study or do anything, and were forced to go to bed early, minus clothing and plus fans. But such a change! Today we are shivering around like leaves. I am at present on Esther’s bed, done up in a blanket. She wore my [page 2]sweater over to Noanett so I had to find a substitute.The stockings and shirtwaists came to-day. I haven't tried the latter on yet but they look very pretty. Who is to occupy MacPherson’s store? I shall miss their business very much. Wish I was there to invest in jabots, etc.I hope Lauretta will have a nice time in my bed. I should think the house would seem rather quiet to her,- not that I'm so lively, but I do make a noise on the piano occasionally.It's going to be a lot of work and trouble to get packed up and come home. I won't know what to bring with me and what to leave. My pillows are awfully dirty and need a good beating, but there doesn't seem[page 3]to be a place to do it. I must find out about where to leave my chiffonier; it can’t be here I suppose. My desk I will send home by freight if I can get it crated. Do I pay the freight, or not? Some things could be sent home in that, but nothing that I would want very soon.I will send laundry again next week, and you can return it the week after - just before I leave. Thus I will have clean clothes for Syracuse, Honeoye, etc. I will doubtless leave here Sunday night if I can get ready; if not, then sometime Monday.I had a letter from Florence today and she said, “you are surely coming here right after school. I can't wait any longer.” Her mother is better and will stop at Elmira on the way home. I'm perfectly willing to go there for a while if convenient for them. If I can [page 4]see you at Syracuse, I don't care much about hurrying home. I was going to say that I may not need my chiffonier I next year, if I get in a place where there is plenty of furniture. Of course I won't sell it till I am sure. We haven't any idea where we will be. We decided on the quad for first choice, but don't think our numbers will let us get in there, or even on the Hill. We think it is either Stone Hall or College Hall. Of the two, we prefer College, although they both have their advantages. So we will likely try to get in there, unless we change our minds. We think that K. Mayo and Alice Coseo will go with us, as they seem to want to, and perhaps Doris and Bennie, although it is all very much in the air at present. I[page 5]don’t think we have to do anything about it right away.We had a class meeting yesterday morning at nine o’clock. They told us all about our Tree Day pageant and ceremonies. It is going to be perfectly wonderful. I don't think I better try to tell you anything about it until afterwards. Next Wednesday night is the Step-Song Competition. Each class sings an original song, with two others, and to the class with the best song and rendition is given a prize of twenty-five dollars. Ten dollars goes to the girl that writes the song. We have rehearsals every morning this week to get ready for it. The misfortune is that our song leader has gone to the Dartmouth Prom and will be gone [page 6]several days.We had such a nice table party last night for Miss Bliss. We had radishes from our gardens, and yellow pansies put through the place cards, on the back of which were Floral [illegible]. These broke the ice and furnished conversation for a while. We had a bouquet of yellow iris. Miss Swift served us a nice dinner. The desert [mis-spelling: dessert] was strawberries and cream with cake; we furnished after-dinner mints. Miss Bliss seemed to enjoy herself greatly.Here is something interesting: our final exam in Botany consists of a trip, in open trolley cars, to a place some distance away, where we have a test on the plants we have learned to know (about 150). Before returning [page 7]home we have a picnic supper, served by caterer from Natick. Isn't that a fitting end for a course? We are crazy about it. This happens on Tuesday, afternoon, June 6th. Here's hoping the day is pleasant. By the way (speaking of picnics!) Am I to carry my violin to Syracuse, Honeoye Falls, etc? I suppose I couldn't pack it though. I must stop now and collect some money to pay for the spread.With lots of love,Mary.P.S. LaterThe waist with pink in, is rather large.The plainest one has too big sleeves The elaborate one is alright except the collar, which is too big. Esther suggests cutting it off and using a pleated frill. What shall I do about them?


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music; Faculty, Staff and Administrators; Student Life; Tradition and Ritual


Roommates; Singing; Parties; Travel; Tree Day; Stepsinging; Crofton House; Stone Hall; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 23



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