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Letter to mother describing new furniture for room, reading news of Austin, Pennsylvania flood in a Boston newspaper, and her longing and struggle to make more friends.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 3 October, 1911. Dear Mamma,- Your letter and the morris chair arrived this afternoon, all of which pleased me exceedingly. The chair is a perfect peach and exactly matches the rest of our furniture, except that it's nicer than anything else we have. We had a beautiful time unpacking it. The screws in my medicine box, left from last year, were just right to fasten the back on. I had to go down to the office [page 2] this morning and pay two dollars charges on it. I didn't mind the walk or the cash, but you see I hadn't any breakfast. The door to the dining room was closed a little earlier than usual, so about a dozen of us got left out. We got a couple of crackers in Helen Stearns’ room, and I ate some ice cream while downtown, so managed to survive till lunch. I've had only two classes to-day, so it's been rather a cinch, so far as work is concerned. This afternoon I did all the studying I could find to do and then made a plan of our room. Esther laughed at me for going about with a tape-measure [page 3] and measuring everything. But I love to be exact. I bought a Boston paper to-day which has some account of the Austin flood. I haven't read it carefully yet, but the picture show it as rather awful. We have asked Mrs. Parker for another wardrobe. She told me today that she had spoken to Miss Davis about it, but that I had better go and see her too. I have to see her anyway, to get permission to keep the chiffonier. The trunk room is on the fifth floor, so I hardly think it would be convenient to keep my dress there, especially since I need to be reminded to wear it. I shall wear it to the sophomore prom, perhaps before. [page 4] Esther was very much pleased with my new lavender dress. She says I have just the right amount of pink in my face to look well in that color. I do untold amounts of thinking about getting acquainted with people. You've no idea how much I long to know more girls. I feel at times as if I would get along faster if I could dance with them after dinner. As it is, I am rather an outcast, being the only one (evidently) who does not. I'll try harder and harder to make friends, but it's slow work. Must go to bed now so I can get up in time for breakfast. With lots of love, Mary. P.S May I ask who is Miss Nelson, that sat behind you with e.P.L?


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Austin, Pennsylvania


Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Student Life


Furniture; Floods; Friendship; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 October 3



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