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Letter to mother about finishing Hygiene paper, travel plans home, taking Botany final in Wayland in the rain, surprise birthday party for friend, travel plans home, and upcoming vespers speaker Jane Addams.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 7 June, 1911 Dear Mamma,- I was sorry not to be able to write last night, but I worked steadily at my Hygiene paper, and when it was done it was time to go to bed. It makes quite a load off my mind to have it done, as I rather expected that it would be hanging on me until Saturday or Monday. It consists of thirteen pages on the subject of “The Causes and Prevention of Colds” and is very enlightening I assure you. I [mis-spelling: defy?] you to know more than I do about it! [page 2] I have nothing to do now but to pack up and come away (after my exams are over). I have decided to come Monday, as you don't seem to object, and Helen says she isn't particular. I think it would be so much pleasanter than coming at night, to take the trolley to South Framingham, then get in a parlor car and view the scenery, go in the dining car occasionally, and arrive in Syracuse in time for the soirée (if Helen thinks of taking us). My arrangements for getting away will be rather simple. My trunk is here, of course,- I got it out and have put some things in the bottom already. I brought up the top tray and the bellows from the cellar, too. The plan for the [page 3] chiffonier is as follows: I buy a storage tag of Miss Swift for 25 cents: this is put on the chiffonier; when I come back in the fall it is already in my new room. Of course if I don’t need it then, I can sell it. I shall pack in it my cotton mattress, couch cover, and one or two pillows, also a picture or two and some of my books. The books that I want during the summer can go in the trunk. I haven't found out yet, whether my two boxes are still in the basement. Miss Swift and I looked, but could not find them. She thinks perhaps Mike put them over in the Ridgeway basement, but has not asked him yet. If they are not there, I give an order to the man up at the power house to come and crate my desk. I’ll attend to that soon but miss Swift is away to-day. [page 4] I'm sorry that you had to pay so much on my “laundry”, but we worked the trick all right the other times, didn't we? I was surprised to hear that the Stickles go to the Saguenay. Aren't they going abroad at all? When did they change their minds? Exams are fairly upon us again, although we hardly realize it yet. Yesterday was Botany, and as we learn has happened every year, it rained. We dressed for the wet, however, and had a nice trolley ride, via Natick and Cochituate, to Wayland. I don't know how many of us there are, but at any rate we filled five open cars. At Wayland we dismounted and plodded around in the rain, but it was pouring so very hard and was so very [page 5] wet underfoot that Dr. Ferguson ordered examination off, and we climbed back into the cars when only half through. But we couldn't leave until scheduled. I'm not sure if that we would have been any worse off if we had done the rest, for at least we would have been exercising, and we couldn't have gotten any wetter. As it was, we were soaked through, and to sit in those cars with no scenery to look at, was cold comfort. Finally, however, we started off, and came back as far as Natick, where we piled into the town hall and were served with the best lunch! Three kinds of sandwiches, potato chips, olives, and hot coffee or cocoa, then ice cream with strawberries, and two kinds of cake. We got warm and dryer and really felt very cheerful, so that we cheered the “Botany department” [page 6] before leaving. We came home quickly and got our wet clothes off. Later Miss Swift brought around hot lemonade to all of us. I don't think any of us caught cold, at least there are no signs of it. I didn't get my feet wet hardly at all. N.B. I wore those spats for the first time! they have done me fifty cents’ worth of service now all right. French exam this afternoon was no easier than Midyears’, but on the whole not very bad. I feel sorry to have finished with it, but I know I couldn't take it next year without wasting some time. I have English Comp to-morrow afternoon, History Friday afternoon, and Math Saturday morning. I don't dread them any, but wish I had more [page 7] time to study for Math. I want to do as well on it as I can. Miss Merrill told me the other day that she was much disappointed not to find me going on with Math. I told her that I couldn't get it in without leaving out Bible, which I didn't want to do. Monday we found out it was Janet’s birthday, so after dinner we took her some flowers and a lighted birthday cake in her room. She had no idea we suspected and was completely taken by surprise. Mr. Abell has framed up the ocean picture very nicely in a round brown frame. We are very anxious to see what sort of a wall we will have next year to put it on. I don't suppose I will write again this week unless I think of something [page 8] special. Shall I send my trunk check home to Julia so she can get it up to the house? You are going to Syracuse Saturday I suppose. Well, I'll arrive Monday at 7.20 P.M (if the green Book is correct). Must stop now. With heaps of love, Mary. P.S. If you don't want me to ride in the parlor car, let me know. (Perhaps there isn't any on that train). P.S. Could I probably go to Honeoye Falls Thursday? P.S. Our speaker Sunday night at vespers is Jane Addams!


Wellesley, Massachusetts; Wayland, Massachusetts


Academics;Student Life


Examinations; Parties; Travel; Rain and rainfall; Addams, Jane, 1860-1935; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 June 7



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