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Letter to mother about living conditions in dorm, including clothing storage and arranging new furniture; receiving her trunk; Lit, Musical Theory, Astronomy, and Biblical History classes; rehearsal for serenading freshmen; attending a Christian Association meeting with President Pendleton; and viewing a comet.


206 College Hall, 28 September, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I get the impression from your letter that you think we are rather disappointed about our room. If that is the case, please change your mind. We're simply wild about living in College Hall, and like our location the best of any. This is just exactly where we would have asked to be, had we been consulted. Of course it's an inconvenience not to have any [page 2] place to put our clothes, but we can get along with that. I'm going to see Mrs. Parker soon and ask her if we can't have another wardrobe to keep out in the hall. The one we have is too small for two people, and is very badly crowded. The distance from the hooks to the bottom of it isn't long enough to accommodate my dresses, so they have to be tucked up and mashed in, and of course get wrinkled. My pink satin is at the very back and I hate to look at it for fear it will look dreadfully. My evening coat is folded up in the shirt-waist box, along with our kimonas [mis-spelling: kimonos] and Esther’s [deletion: evening] underclothes. Do you think it will be bad for it to keep it there? I hate to put it in the wardrobe [page 3] because it is so long. My trunk of course has not been in the room at all. It was left outside the door, and I brought the things inside from there. I left some things in it which I can do without at present, such as heavy kimona [mis-spelling kimono], laundry bag, etc. It has gone to the trunk room now, which is on the fifth floor, I think. We are slowly getting our room fixed, although it will be several days before it is entirely done. We haven't [deletion: a] all our pictures hung yet, as it is hard to get a step-ladder when we have time to use it. (The ceiling is about thirteen feet high). But we have all our furniture except the morris chair. I bought a green Crex [page 4] rug for eighty-five cents which looks well and will be serviceable. All the furniture we bought is black mission and harmonizes well with the green lamp and curtains. Esther also got a green couch-cover yesterday. I think we will buy or rent another lamp from Mr. Abell when her desk comes up from Cofton. One light is in the ceiling, which is rather far away. What kind of wood will the Morris chair be? The Express Co. have left a [deletion: list] paper in each house to be signed by all who want express packages delivered. But until that is done, we have to go down to the office and tend to it. But I got Janet to attend to mine when she was down this afternoon [page 5] so I didn't have to make the trip. She also got me some stockings. You see there was only one pair in the trunk, and they wore through at once. I hope these she got will last till the telescope comes. Everything in the trunk was all right. I keep thinking of little things which you didn't put in, but can't remember any of them now. I haven't heard anything from that Lit exam yet, but think I must have passed it, for I was assigned to Lit 8 B. It is about Chaucer and his contemporaries, and it's going to be very nice I think, except that at first, reading him is almost like reading a foreign language. Miss Shackford is a wonder. [page 6] Musical Theory and Astronomy yesterday morning were both very nice. I'm going to be crazy about both. Of course it's rather a bore to be told where to look for the big dipper, and Draco, and the comet, when I already know it, but it is so much the easier, and I may make a hit with the Department by my superior knowledge. There are lots of upper-classmen in both those classes. Biblical history, or “Bible”, as everyone calls it, may or may not be interesting, but I certainly have a dear teacher. She's a perfect peach. For our first lesson we must learn to say the books of the old testament. How nice that I learned them years ago! [page 7] My schedule isn't so perfect as I made it out in the spring. My Bible class comes at 2.25 on Saturday afternoon, and Astronomy lab. on Wednesday. So now I have no afternoon off. My organ lesson, practise periods, and call-outs have not yet been arranged. I think I'll see the dean about changing divisions in Bible. I've got to have one day in the week free to go in to hear opera, etc. There are never matinees on Monday. Tomorrow night we serenade the Freshmen. We had a rehearsal to-night in the Barn. The songs are all good, but we don't know them very well. We are to wear white, with lavender poke bonnets, and carry lanterns. [page 8] Last night at Christian Association President Pendleton spoke on “The Fine Art of Selection”. Then she called for a testimony meeting and not a soul got up! The silence was awful. Finally we sang a hymn and adjourned. Saturday afternoon is the first Barn. I shall go in the afternoon if I go, but don't expect to have a very good time, as I haven't any Freshman to take and haven't my dance program all filled out. I don't fancy sticking around by myself half the time. Have you seen the comet? To-night it was just to the left of the handle of the dipper. It will soon be gone, so you better look. I'm spending heaps of money for books but they’ll be lovely ones to keep. Must stop now. With love, Mary. P.S. We haven’t a sign of a dustcloth. Where shall I get one?


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Religion and Spirituality;Student Life;Academics


Dormitories; Singing; Pendleton, Ellen F. (Ellen Fitz), 1864-1936; Stargazing; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 September 28



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