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Letter to mother about new schedule, sports call outs, sewing curtains, trip to Boston, College Hall Chapel concert for freshmen, seniors marching in their caps and gowns, and house meeting.


[stationary heading] WELLESLEY COLLEGE, WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS. 206 College Hall, 26 September, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I'll take a brief respite from our toil (hanging pictures) and write you this to tell you that I'm still alive and flourishing, and that work has really commenced. It hasn't commenced very hard, though, for me; I had only two classes to-day and will have only two to-morrow, unless I get posted for a call-out. We have a roll-call of all spots this afternoon, and had to [page 2] report as to the state of our health and hand in our schedules; I suppose we'll be assigned call-outs directly. I hope I don't have one to-morrow afternoon, because it's my only day off; my schedule has been changed so that I have a 2:25 class on Saturday afternoon. Isn't that a sin? Well, there's one comfort, I can cut. Esther has Saturday afternoon off and gym on Wednesdays, so you see we can't hit it together at all. We have been sewing on curtains all day long. We have three windows with two curtains at each; they are 96 inches long and 24 wide, and have to be hemmed top and bottom and along one side. It's a nice little job I assure you. We haven't done the [page 3] valences yet but the others are all done. The material is plain green denim; we couldn't get anything more expensive because it required 12 yards. We got it after a long and troublesome search in Boston. They were [deletion: to] determined to sell us only stuff at 75 cents a yard up. To cap the climax, we came out of the store at 5.30 and found it dark and beginning to rain. By the time we reached South Station it was pouring. Of course we had no coats or umbrellas. But fortunately, we both had on white, which will wash [deletion: washed]. We got home too late for dinner, and only had some chocolate ‘eclairs and cake which we seized on the way to [page 4] the station. A dismal time altogether. [deletion: Yester] Last evening in College Hall chapel was a concert given by the music dep’t for the Freshman. As C.H chapel is about fifty feet down the hall from our door, we attended. The artist were all imported, the chief one being a little girl violinist. She certainly was a wonder. For one encore she played the “Humoresque”. This morning the Seniors marched in to chapel in cap and gown. Big time. To-night after dinner was a house-meeting, at which we elected a house president and vice-presidents. Since then we have been hanging pictures,- a discouraging job. Must go to bed now. With love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Athletics and Physical Education;Student Life


Concerts; Sports; Draperies; College Hall

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 September 26



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