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Letter to her mother thanking her for sending money; and describing events the past weekend including the Shakespeare Society Birthday Party, May Day, hoop rolling, a small fire at Z.A., class elections, a suffrage parade, a sermon by S. Parks Cadman, and an evening with Dr. Lockwood.


28 Pomeroy, Wellesley 3 May, 1914 Dear Mother: Your letter and Papa’s were most opportune. I was just starting for town with Helen in search of a dress, so I put the checks in the bank as I went and had the augmented account to draw on. If Helen wrote you last night she probably explained that the result of my tour was two dresses: a white one, and a pink satin evening one. The white one I wore last night to Birthday Party, and shall wear it to the concert to-morrow night; then I'll try to keep it for Garden Party, Bacalaureate [mis-spelling: Baccalaureate] Sunday, [page 2] and Commencement. The evening dress I shall wear to the evening things, beginning with PBK initiations Friday night. I got the 10% discount and so only spent thirty-nine dollars for the two. Yes, I make a very nice little gray dove.The gray dress is for Sunday dinner, evening dinner etc. The one I have is already rather soiled, and besides, one is not quite enough. My tummy is all right now. I do not think the cake had any effect, for I only had two pieces of it. I did eat some maple sugar though, for a while after I came back. And I haven't taken as many walks as usual lately because I use so much time going back and forth. I will try to get out doors more. My eye feels sore tonight as though a [page 3] sty were coming. I think I've overstrained it in various ways, including close work in Physics lab. After the concert if I get slept up, I think I'll be all right. Aunt Ella wrote me of Mr. Morse's death too. I wonder what she will do now. Well, yesterday was a wonderful May Day from start to finish. It couldn't possibly have been nicer. Hoop-rolling was great fun, the [illegible: numerals?] were beautiful, and afternoon games on the green very pretty. Helen came out in the morning and then I dragged her in town with me. She expected to come back, but found she was to have a gentleman caller and so couldn't. There were several extra things, - a fire at Z.H. house in the morning which burned a hole in the roof before it was put out; election of Senior Pres. by 1915 after lunch; a funny ball game between Seniors and sophomores at the afternoon sports; Helen Joy, our S.S. President last year, arrived on the scene about three o’clock; suffrage parade in town, which too many people away; and Birthday Party in the evening, which was fine. From 5:30 a.m. till 10 p.m. we were kept busy. As a result, we have been rather tired to-day. Our preacher this morning was Dr. S. Parks Cadman! He gave us a very inspiring sermon. He has a splendid command of English and a forceful way of putting things. This afternoon [illegible: M. Smith?] and I went to tea [Page 4] at Miss Lockwood's and didn't get away until [deletion: illegible] after 8:30. We talked mostly about our plans for next year. Miss L. made me some very interesting suggestions which I shall think about. She is a very unselfish woman to give us so much of her time. We went up to the house when we left, having missed supper and vespers. To-morrow we will be full, although it will be a little easier on account of a cut in History. We had first step-singing last night and to-morrow begin rehearsals for the song competition which comes next week You needn't send the Crofton plays at present. I wanted to know about them [page 5] because we may want them when Miss Swift gives us our Senior [illegible]. I'm so glad they weren't burned. Can you send in my laundry, another pillow-case or two? I seem to have none here. Well I must go to bed, as I need sleep after these [illegible] days Very lovingly, Mary


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Shakespeare Society; May Day; Fires; College student government; Baccalaureate; Commencement; Stepsinging; Hoop Rolling; Pomeroy Hall; Crofton House; Zeta Alpha House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1914 May 3



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