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Letter to mother about Esther successfully passing her exams, Christian Association reception, upcoming memorial service for Mr. Durant, unhappiness with dorm room, purchasing furniture, getting permission to play organ, and attending performance of "The Little Millionaire" with George M. Cohan.


206 College Hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 24 September, 1911. Dear Mamma,- Sunday morning between breakfast and church is quite a long interval when one doesn't leave for chapel till its time to go. Therefore I'll have time to start this I guess, as I want to go and call on Freshman this afternoon if Esther is willing. We are just beginning to realize that she is really “in” - a member of 1914 - for you see she only got her matriculation card [page 2] yesterday afternoon. We have been on pins and needles ever since her exam Friday morning. She felt so sure of it that she stayed up here Friday night, but it was pretty precarious business, as she wasn't supposed to come until she knew for sure, and Miss Tuft’s room is right down the hall. She has been lovely to us all the time; was in here the other day to console us for this awful room, and yesterday congratulated Esther when she heard she had passed. Everybody is here now and it really begins to look like college. It was rather lonesome and dead the first day or two. Julia and Nell [page 3] came yesterday morning. Their room is right where we can look up to it, which is quite a comfort. Last night was the Christian Association Reception, and almost all Crofton came here with their Freshmen to leave their things. I tell you we were popular. Our furniture from Natick had just come since dinner, so we had something of a room to show them. The Reception was grand in every way. We saw lots of people we knew, but of course there were just as many that we didn't see. It didn't last very long but we managed to get pretty tired just the same. Esther and I didn't have any Freshman to look [page 4] after, but part of the time we took care of a couple of girls that she knew. Yesterday morning we went to the first chapel service, which did seem so good. This morning we are going of course. The man who preaches is from New Haven. To-night they have the memorial service for Mr. Durant . Crofton bunch is all on the campus but Elsie Pray. Helen Stearns just got in yesterday - on this floor. There are six in Pomeroy, three in Beebe, and five in Stone. Janet is in Norumbega. We have been around to see most of them. We're having a hard time with our room. Although it's about twice as [page 5] big as 11 Crofton, the difference is mostly in the height, and there is no closet, we have no place to put anything out of sight. We're resolving to dispense with everything that isn't absolutely necessary. This morning we had a long argument about my big laundry bag, and I finally decided to send it home and keep my dirty clothes under the bed. Yesterday we went to Natick and spent about twenty dollars in that furniture store. We liked it very much. I got a table desk for only $5.50 and it's good-looking too. We also got a big green screen, a shirt-waist box and a rocking chair for Esther. [page 6] I think to-morrow we shall get our curtains, a small rug, and a round center table. We rented a green lamp at Abell’s which looks very well, also a chafing dish table. Will you please send Helen's chafing dish and tray as soon as you can? Also tell Papa that we're ready for the morris chair he spoke of. We’ve saved a space in the room for it. After we get all fixed up I'll send you a diagram or picture of how it looks. I was much relieved to find Papa's letter and check in the box last night. Miss Tufts says there will be another chance to pay to-morrow. [page 7] I went to see Mr. MacDougall yesterday and got formal permission to take organ. He says to come around about Friday and arrange for the lessons. He also said that I will find him a very poor teacher! I told him that I wouldn't be critical. The approach to College Hall has been entirely changed. The road and walk are in different positions,- better we think. A new cement walk has been laid all the way down the hill. I [deletion: illegible] don't believe I told you that we all went in to Hartford Monday night to see George M. Cohan’s new play, “The Little Millionaire”. It [page 8] was the first performance anywhere. He and his cousin Lila Rhodes had the leading parts, and his father and mother were also in it. It was fairly good. It will be put on at New York this week. We went canoeing all that afternoon and had a beautiful time. I wrenched my ankle in trying to climb over the seat, but it is all right now. We ate dinner down at Ridgeway the first night we came. It seemed very natural. Crofton has been papered and looks great. The girls in our room are from Philadelphia & Plattsburg. N.Y. Must up now. With love, Mary. P.S. Is my napkin ring there? I may want it. When are the books coming? [written in the top margin of page 1] P.S. Lit wasn’t hard but I haven’t heard yet.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Roommates; Furniture; Durant, H. F. (Henry Fowle), 1822-1881; Theater; Cohan, George M. (George Michael), 1878-1942; College Hall; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 September 24



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