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Letter to mother describing happiness that roommate is back, Tree Day, Senior class festivities including "move up" on steps, communion sermon, and studying for Botany exam.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 4 June, 1911 Dear Mamma,- I'm thinking that I won't be addressing many more letters from here. It will seem funny next year to write anything else. I wonder what it will be, instead? But we won't know until we come back in the fall, I suppose. It is so good to have Esther back with me. I feel more normal and natural when she is here. But she is so dead tired and has so much ahead of her to do, that I'm worried [deletion: to] about her. Of course she had a wonderful time. The wedding was the [page 2] very prettiest one of course, that ever happened. She arrived here about ten-thirty yesterday morning, on the trolley from South Framingham, without any warning whatever. She had to fly down town immediately and have her hair curled, as she was to be a child in the Tree Day myth. Everything in the afternoon went off wonderfully, the weather was perfect, and there wasn't a hitch anywhere. It was all so beautiful and impressive that I almost cried. I can't describe it in a letter. I'll see you next week and can tell you all about it then. We got home at six-thirty. After supper (supper, with strawberry ice cream!) we sat on the steps and sang till [page 3] the Seniors came around, on their farewell serenade to the entire college. We showered them with yellow pansies (their flower), which pleased them much. Mr. Ferguson set off some fireworks from his porch, which they, unfortunately, did not see, but we applauded. Our sermon this morning was by Dr. Tweedy of Yale. It was good, but I prefer no sermon at a communion service. The communion didn't last long, however, as so many people went out. We didn't go to vespers to-night. I didn't like to mention the matter to Esther when she is so tired. We are both in bed now (8.15 p.m). She is studying English Comp. [page 4] we can hardly realize that our exams are this week,- it seems more like a vacation ahead of us. To-morrow we shall spend getting ready for Botany,- that is, out looking at plants. We may walk around the lake. At five o’clock Crofton has its picture taken on the front steps. Tuesday afternoon is our Botany trolley-ride-picnic exam. In the evening, the Seniors “give up the steps” and we all “move up.” The 1914 crew was picked last week. Gagie and Alice Coseo both got on! We are tickled to death. I hope my winter hat wasn't quite squshed [mis-spelling: squished] when it arrived. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Arts, Theater and Music;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Roommates; College seniors; Examinations; Tree Day; Crofton House; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 June 4



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