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Letter to father about her choices for electives next year, wondering whether to continue with math, hoping her mother can visit, and archery practice.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 6 May, 1911. Dear Papa,- The subject most under discussion just now by the freshman class and almost everyone else, is that of elections for next year, and for the other years. Everyone gives us advice as to what we shall take, and then at the end says, “But don't be influenced by everyone else, you must decide for yourself.” It makes us feel very responsible, and scared to death for we fear we shall decide wrongly. Each teacher begs us to continue in her department, which of course we can't do, and it is very hard to choose between. [Page 2] I've decided not to take six hours of Lit this next year. Three will be enough for a start I guess. What would you think of my going on with Math? I'm not sure that I would have hours enough, but if I did, I think I would like it. It would give me a six hour major. When I asked Miss Merrill about it she said,”Are you thinking of going on with it Miss Rosa? I do wish you would. I am sure you would like it.” I'm going to see Mr. MacDougall soon about taking music. This doesn't have to be decided till May 27th, but I'd like to have it off my mind. Some of the girls have already made out their schedules for next year. Do you think you could spare Mamma for a little while, commencing the last of this month? Esther is going [Page 3] to Buffalo for her brother's wedding, which is June 1st, and as she will be gone in a week or so I expect I will be lonesome. There will be lots going on then too, Tree Day etc, which you would enjoy. You might be interested to know that I haven't drawn any money out of the bank yet. I've been living on what I had when I arrived and the mileage check. If this next month could be as inexpensive as the last one, wouldn't it be nice? But ten dollars is due on the sixteenth, and I dare say several others on various occasions. The weather has been warm again. I hope it stays so. Archery is much nicer when the wind isn't blowing hard. So many people have come into it lately that they had to make an entirely new schedule. My call-outs come now on Wednesday at 1.30 and Thursday at 4.20. It seems rather queer but I suppose [Page 4] they can't arrange it any other way. I'm busy as anything nowadays but that's nothing new. I simply must do a source theme this afternoon and get it off my mind. With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Academics;Athletics and Physical Education;Student Life


Mathematics; Mothers; Archery; Tree Day; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her father, 1911 May 6



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