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Letter to mother describing breakfast at Charles River aqueduct; meeting with faculty about courses she's considering, including discussion with Katherine Lee Bates; attending "Faculty Party" with students dressed up as Wellesley professors; and a Hygiene lecture about the common cold. Includes postscript with instructions to order enlargement of a photograph in sepia.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 7 May, 1911. Dear Mamma,- A beautiful day, and we have spent it beautifully. I have deliberately refrained from writing any letters until now, and will just write this before going up to Vespers. The weather is just right today, not too hot nor too cold. This morning about a dozen of us got up early and went for a long walk, taking our breakfast. We went out to the aqueduct, and where the Charles River comes in. It was just lovely. We saw lots of birds and flowers. [Page 2] I think the affair was gotten up on account of Norma Lieberman, who has been down here for a week in Mildred's place. We think she is a perfect peach. Mildred came back today. We got back from our walk about nine o’clock and I had time to take a bath before church. Esther didn't go up so I went with Erminie. The man who preached was from Atlantic City. He reminded me of Dr. Banks in his earnestness. This afternoon, after sitting around and visiting, Esther and I took a walk over across the railroad back to the other part of Wellesley. It is very queer over there, rocky, and only half civilized in spots. Yesterday got a dose of Faculty. I was up to see Miss Bliss right after [Page 3] lunch, and she planned out my whole college course with me. I must apply to the Dean for permission to take practical music, and also go and see Katharine Lee Bates about doing Lit I this summer. I also expect to go and see Mr. MacDougall soon. After that I went over to see Miss Merrill about the course in Math that I am thinking of taking. She says it is a good course, and is very anxious to have me take it. I think myself that I'd like it to kind of rest my mind from the other things. It all depends on what you and Papa think about it. I'd like to hear your opinion soon. I wish you could have been at our faculty party the other night. Some of the get-ups were so good. Ethel Brown did Miss Hooker, and she really did look a lot like her. Connie [Page 4] was Katharine Lee Bates. Our Hygiene lecture Thursday was a treat. Dr. Badger of Boston lectured on “Common Colds.” He was young, good-looking, and very amusing. I was on the front seat and was scared to death for fear I would cough. He said every girl with a cold should isolate herself and go to bed. So I followed his advice that night by going to bed and having a tray for dinner. Since then my cold has almost entirely left me. I'm going to try and go into Boston sometime this week or next. Janet is planning to see the world in Boston and I may go with her. We have a class meeting at 7:45 tomorrow morning in the barn. Must go to bed now. With lots of love, Mary. P.S. Yes, you may order the enlargement in Sepia. Get about size 7 X 9 and unmounted.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Faculty, Staff and Administrators;Academics;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Teachers; Parties; Cold (Disease); Bates, Katharine Lee, 1859-1929; Crofton House; Charles River

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 7



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