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Letter to mother describing spring weather, the beauty of the campus, blooming gardens and plants, boating on Lake Waban, English compositions, looking at photographs taken in Europe, and archery performance.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 3 May, 1911. Dear Mamma,- I think I have time to write tonight; at any rate I will, I studied quite a lot this afternoon and don't seem to have much to do for tomorrow. I don't have any call-out tomorrow so I will have some time in the afternoon. I received all your letters and the Classmate, it's so nice of you to write me so often. I think the skirt will be all right now, but I'll let you know if it isn't. We're having that cold wave too. The air isn't so cold, but the wind really is awful. It seems so strange, because last week was so hot. I hope it gets warm soon. [Page 2] Wellesley has been beautiful lately. The buds came out so fast that we could almost see them come, and being in Botany we had to notice. The grass is as green as can be, and quite a few leaves are up. New flowers appear daily of course. I have seen about thirty now, counting those we saw on our field trip yesterday. Our garden is the side of the barn, near the brick wall. We water it ourselves every day (or ought to). are radishes came up Monday and I think lettuce is up by now. The forget-me-nots are almost up too. As to boating on the lake, - I think there is one row boat, marked “for emergency only,” which is used occasionally. Canoes of the ordinary type are not allowed. The boats used our so-called canoes, but in shape and size are more like a row boat and are built with air tanks [Page 3] in the sides to keep them from tipping over. I think they are perfectly safe. You know I wouldn't want to go out if it were were dangerous, but I think under the circumstances that you wouldn't forbid my going out and thus deprive me of so large a part of the summer’s enjoyment here. I wish I could have heard the concert at which June played. I wonder how soon this summer I can begin to take lessons? I don't want to waste any time. I think now that I won't stay here for [illegible: that?] but go to Syracuse at once (how would it do to leave here Sunday night?). After Commencement there, can I go to Lima? Florence says their commencement week is the 15th to the 22nd. Perhaps I would see it the Lima girls that she was so anxious for me to see at Easter Time. [Page 4] You would laugh if you could see our room. I was just dissatisfied with the amount of air I got, with my bed back in the corner, so I conceived a plan for putting it in the middle of the room. I tried it Monday and we have left it that way since. The two beds are together, running straight towards the chiffoniers. My desk and the table are against the wall, and the bookcase over where Esther's bed was when you were here. The new arrangement is very convenient but not especially handsome, as the vast expanse of my bed makes the room look like a hospital, the girl say. We do almost all our studying and writing on this bed. My English Conference the other day was initially long and for that reason more satisfactory. We [Page 5] talked over several of my recent themes. Two of them, “Spring at Wellesley,” and “An English Valley,” she has had me read in class, and another, “A German Pension,” she intended to have me read but there wasn't time. She said, “I'm glad to see that you're doing so well, Miss Rosa.” I told her that the work in description was more to my taste than some other things. The European pictures are such a comfort. They bring up so many memories. Ester is very much struck with the one I took out of my porthole. I think it's rather nice myself. Do you suppose the negative it is there at home somewhere? I was thinking that it would be nice to have an enlargement of it made for Esther's birthday - the twenty-eight of May. If you can find it, will you let me know? Archery continues interesting but is no cinch. We had a call out yesterday [Page 6] but couldn’t shoot very well because of the wind blew the arrows about so. What do you think? I had a nice long letter from Mrs. [Illegible: Hallert?] the other day. I was so surprised, as I had given up all hope. I wanted to answer right away, but don't think I better as she is probably relieved to think that she has answered my letter and would be annoyed to have another to do so soon. Mildred Frink has gone up on the campus for a week and another girl is staying down here, - Norma Lieberman. We are going to have a party tonight to recreate her, - all dress up to represent numbers of the faculty or prominent upper-classmen. It will be great fun I expect. I must get dressed soon. I think I better not write anymore, as we want to get [Page 7] everything ready to hop into bed as soon as we get back. Eight hours sleep must be had! With lots of love, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Athletics and Physical Education;Buildings and Grounds;Student Life


Spring; Gardens; Boats and boating; Photographs; Archery; Commencement; Crofton House; Lake Waban

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 3



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