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Letter to mother about study plans, many students being away on vacation, receiving photo enlargement, stepsinging and archery competitions, Tree Day, roommate's surprise birthday party, travel plans home, and campus's beauty.


11 Crofton, Wellesley, Massachusetts, 28 May, 1911. Dear Mamma,- The periodicity of this hot weather is interesting if not charming. To-day is better than last Sunday, however, on account of the breeze. I only hope to-morrow will show a corresponding improvement over last [deletion: Su] Monday, or I won't be able to get anything done. I have planned to do a lot of work in the next two days, and if I don't get a good share [page 2] of it out of the way I shall be sorely disappointed. To-morrow I'm intending to correct all [deletion: illegible] my back themes, and write my final one. I may go in to Boston for a few minutes in the afternoon, for a parting look at the city. Tuesday I'm going to spend in the library, working on my Hygiene paper, also do some of my work for Wednesday and Thursday. The vacation coming Tuesday makes it very nice for the people who live nearby. I think about half of Wellesley has gone away. Six girls from the house went down to Nahaut, and four or five more went home, so we have only ten left. It is rather lonesome, especially as Esther is [page 3] one of the absent ones. She left at six last evening, reaching home about eleven I think. I'm thankful that she went, in a way, because she had to get so many permissions, which involved so much red tape, that I began to wonder if she'd get away at all. She expects to come back Saturday, thus she will miss two holidays and a written lesson in Botany, for each of which separately she has to have permission. Her brother's wedding is Thursday night. The enlargement came yesterday morning. I think it is beautifully done, don't you? Esther is crazy about it. We are going to have it framed in a round brown frame, with about a half an inch of brown mat showing. It will look “spiffy” in our room next year. [page 4] I went to church this morning with Marjory Boynton and Frances Baker. The sermon, an excellent one, was by Dr. Rockwell H. Potter of Hartford. Esther has often spoken of him, and was so sorry not to be here to hear him to-day. This week is the last one, and will be anything but “academic” I expect. Wednesday night is the step-competition. Wednesday afternoon there is an Archery competition for novices. Saturday is Tree Day, and we have the whole day off, although the performance occurs in the afternoon. Yesterday our schedules and elective blanks went in. I enclose my schedule as I have made it out. I hope there will be no changes made in it, and I have no reason to expect [page 5] that there will be. Of course I did not put down the organ lesson or practise hour. Friday night the girls in the house gave Esther a surprise birthday spread. We were up in the library till after half past nine, and soon after we got home, a spooky figure in kimona [mis-spelling: kimono] and mask, [deletion: be] came to our room [deletion: to] and beckoned us to come down to Connie's room, where we were served to ice cream and salted peanuts, by others spooky figures in kimonas [mis-spelling: kimonos] and masks. They had exchanged kimonas [mis-spelling: kimonos] so we didn't know who anyone was for a while. It was lots of fun. We had two dishes of ice cream and all the peanuts we could eat. Do you know from Helen whether there is anything going on there on [page 6] Monday of Commencement week? I was thinking that if there wasn't, I might wait and come then instead of Sunday night. You see I've never seen the country between here and Syracuse, and I thought it would be rather nice. Besides, it would be easier for me to pack up and get my trunk taken on a [deletion: Sunday o] Monday morning than on a Sunday night. I might even have to send my baggage Saturday, which would be rather inconvenient. But if there's any reason why I should be there earlier, of course I will. I don't think I'll want my violin in Honeoye Falls. I'm too much out of practice to do any playing (as I discovered to-day) and if I have it there, it will [page 7] look as if I expected to do something with it. I don't want to bother you too much to take it home from Syracuse. I tried on the waists again this morning and they fitted better than before. I think I can fix the collar of the white one, and the pink one will be alright with the buttons changed a little. I will send the other one home in laundry, along with skates, blankets, winter hat, and a few other things. What a conveniency this 35 cent laundry rate is! I wouldn't need to bring my trunk at all if I had a few more weeks to work the gradual process. Wellesley [deletion: Illegible] is the most beautiful place on earth now. Mrs. Durant’s grounds adjoin those of the college, and there are some wonderful [page 8] rhododendron bushes which reflect in the lake, all along. The birds sing all the time. I never heard so many orioles. Had a good look at a rose-breasted-grossbeak the other day, and saw a bobolink also. It made me think of “Robert of Lincoln is tuning his throat” or however it is that the poem goes. Alice Coseo’s mother came last night to stay a few days. This is certainly a beautiful time of year to get first impressions. I had a letter from Edith Greene yesterday. She seems quite charmed with her first bit of ocean travelling. I must write some more letters, so will stop. Your lovingest daughter, Mary.


Wellesley, Massachusetts


Buildings and Grounds;Student Life;Tradition and Ritual


Archery; Travel; Homework; Parties; Stepsinging; Tree Day; Commencement; Crofton House

Letter from Mary Rosa, Wellesley, Massachusetts, to her mother, 1911 May 28



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